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In this response to a comment, it was revealed that the M4A1 was being replaced. Will it just be replaced with a better model? A different weapon entirely?

If it's the latter, I have to hard disagree with this decision. While weapons like SCAR and the G36 are nice, and while you can argue guns like the 416 and SR-16 can take the place of it, I appreciate it's more plain, bass line nature. It's also by far still the most wildly used weapon by police.

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Better model my dude! I wrote that from bed ha! But same gun. It's a model from like 4 or 5 years ago so it's time for a change to bring it up to scratch with other guns (also for future.. customization goodness ;) )

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Originally posted by SorpitheBorpy

you better keep the carry handle

It'll exist.. dunno about by default but I'll make sure we have it as an option :)