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They shoot through walls with pristine accuracy. Even concrete walls they land perfect shots. Their blind firing needs to be nerfed hard

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Originally posted by AWittyNuker

I definitely appreciate what the devs are going for here because being shot through a wall or door is certainly a real problem in a deadly force scenario, but I agree that it is far too accurate when you start moving. I think they should just fire at the spot they last saw you and maybe in a small radius around it, which would prompt you to pull back.

That's honestly what they should be doing. I've experienced being engaged through surfaces but haven't been hit often. If I did it was because I was static. Still lots of room for improvement.

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Originally posted by Kadorja

I was messing around on single player at the fast food level and my team was in an intense firefight through about 4 walls with an enemy. I kept circling the building trying to find out where they were at. My team was following me but kept tracking the enemy through multiple walls.

I think I got it on video so I’ll have to see if I can upload it.

Please post it if you can. :)

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Originally posted by AWittyNuker

Truth be told, I haven’t had this happen to me all that often, usually because I know to get the hell away from where rounds are coming in. I have had many friends die to suspects through walls however, not necessarily due to poor positioning.

It can certainly be tweaked. I really don't want to lose the firefights through walls since it's a massive aspect of CQB (soft vs. hard cover, specifically). Also worth keeping in mind is if you get clipped through a wall 1 time out of 25 it will probably still feel bullsh*t purely because a lot of people are used to feeling secure in a room they've cleared. Ultimately this game is gonna get plenty of tweaking! So I'm happy to read all this feedback. :)

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Originally posted by AMSAGENT000

What ever happened to the advanced ballistics system that was advertised a long time ago?

The one from when we first released? Like pretty much everything we had back then, it was just poorly written due to lack of experience and over-complication (thus requiring re-writes). We're working on some interesting stuff with bullets now, and even as it stands it does the job -- anything too complicated would probably yield a very small noticeable change. One of the quirks of game design I guess.

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Originally posted by GPGR

Hi Gruntr!

Personally I haven’t noticed any sort of laser accuracy through walls. I think it is just people hiding within 1 foot of the doorframe they disappeared through. (Since the newest update)

One question for you! At some point will we get the ability to “tap” our friends shoulders? It should make organizing cqb with 5+ people on complex geometry much more manageable!

Initially we were against shoulder tapping because it felt pointless...

...but now I'm confident we're gonna add it, it would serve bigger operations well. :)

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Originally posted by GPGR

Thank you sir! You are a gem!!!

Any chance of a high ready to go along with low ready?


This is also planned yes!!

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Originally posted by GPGR

Well I’m happy. Keep doing what you do! This is the best fps on the market right now!