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The M4 and the 870 have no audible sound when being shot by someone else.

I hear when i shoot, buddy only hears the shell dropping and reload, same vice versa: when buddy shoots i don't hear the shot. Tested with all muzzles; B1301 is a-OK.

Anyone else had this? Is this something known? No mods, reinstalling rn.

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Hey OP - thanks for posting, just wanted to confirm this is a known issue and will be fixed for next patch!

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Originally posted by Bagellord

Any word on this? Seems to still be an issue for me, including suspects.

We haven’t pushed the next patch yet, but rest assured it is fixed when we do

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Originally posted by Chunk_303

Any fix yet ? im still having this issue

This was confirmed fixed as of our latest patch - do you have any mods installed? They may be out of date and causing the issue.

Alternatively, try verifying files on steam, one of the FMOD banks may have corrupted.

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Originally posted by Chunk_303

I did remove all the mods verified and even reinstalled it and still no joy I don't understand how but it is what it is

Does validating the game files on steam help? Just to confirm, what version of the game shows up in the top right corner?

Make sure to delete any residual files for the game as well, %appdata% -> local -> ReadyOrNot