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Has anyone found a good use of the battering ram? Any benefit over shotgun?

Shot gun breach allows for quite a bit of standoff from the door if a trip wire or if wanting to limit room penetration by pie’ing before entry. Additionally, two shotgun blasts generally disintegrate the door or blow it off the hinges, which can also be useful for removing the concealment provided by a 1/2 opened door (when explosives aren’t available, or not enough time to place them)

I would have assumed the battering ram is a more stealthy option but it is quite loud to players (unsure of “aggro” range on enemies).

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Got two new ones coming. :)

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Is the breaching shotgun supposed to be long ranged though? I thought you just pointed it at a lock and at a short distance it would obliterate it?

Nah that's a bug.

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