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So me and some friends got this game awhile back when it had been out for a little bit. Now almost 6 months later, we got back into it. One thing ive noticed though, is the gameplay and graphics feel like theyve been tuned down just a bit. Maybe im wrong, but it really does seem that way. Character faces look really low-res, the lighting in some areas feels really weird, and even when my friend is moving around in-game, his movements look a little jank. Did they release an update that toned down the graphics awhile back? Anybody here know for sure? I remember thinking this game looked super good for the performance I was getting. Now it seems a little wonky looking to me. Not that I mind it, just curious.

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one last thing, did they remove the ability to see yourself in the HQ mirror, or was that just my game bugging? I walked up to the mirror and it went all black haha.

Mirrors have been disabled completely due to ongoing performance issues - we tried a lot of workarounds but ultimately had to end up pulling em.

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