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0s and we now can see the extent of the
2s damage to the prop but for Loos the
4s situation is still quite different
7s as City okay we're losing time out there
11s let's move over to this breaking LSN
13s storm
17s update video that we're pulling up now
19s is starting to roll in from across LS
22s and we can see just how torrential this
24s downfall is a quick recap on some fast
26s facts regarding hurricane Antonio we're
28s looking at Winds of up to 17 mph with
31s gusts up to
32s 190 as Antonio continues to move across
35s these regions we're going to start to
36s see more flooding and hurricane Antonio
40s has now been upgraded to a category 5
42s storm extensive damage to large parts of
45s Los suenos is expected certain areas are
48s likely to be uninhabitable for weeks