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More tools can't hurt, and I think this is more for the aspect of communication without using a mic for co-op gameplay. But from a realism perspective I doubt a SWAT team would use this much.

Thanks for your feedback. I like to think these things will provide some use but ultimately help new players understand some levels better than others, as well as give players who wish to use it an opportunity to communicate plans a little better. From a realism perspective, they keep it pretty high level and yeah, just talk about entries and any known threats. A lot of this will be covered in our briefings, so this just acts as another tool in the belt for people who wanna use it.

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Originally posted by Flogger23MLD

I do see this being beneficial in co-op, which I think is where the purpose will best fit. Communicating over voice can be hard for people and I think this is a good augment for communications.

For maps with hastily drawn floor plans, will those appear on the tablet in said hastily drawn form?

You better believe it! We even have some outdated floorplans, which will be fun. All levels will have one though, either leaning towards highly valuable pre-game information or towards worldbuilding and storytelling, depending on what serves to provide a cooler experience.

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