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The RimWorld - Biotech expansion is out! This large-size expansion revolves around babies and child-raising, genetic modification, and the ability to control mechanoids.

Get it now on the Biotech Steam page!

To celebrate the release, RimWorld and the Royalty expansion are 10% off.

Here's the trailer:

RimWorld update 1.4 is also released! We described the 1.4 changes in detail in this announcement. Or you can read the changelog here[docs.google.com].

  • Unmodded savegames from 1.3 will load in 1.4.
  • Many mods have already been updated by wonderful modders during the 1.4 preview over the last few weeks. However, some are not yet updated and won't work on 1.4.
  • If you want to keep playing version 1.3, please use Steam beta branch "version-1.3-latest". To do this, r-click RimWorld in the Steam library, go to properties, open the betas tab, and select the version from the dropdown.
For rich details on Biotech's features and a discussion of why we decided to make it, you can read the preview posts below:
If you want to get chatty, you can discuss this post on Reddit.

If you're up or bug reporting, please join the Ludeon official development Discord server[discord.gg].

Huge thanks to all our developers, volunteer testers, support team members, and all the modders, translators, artists, and all the players in the community. I thank all of you very much, it's been a journey so far and I hope to keep sharing it with all of you.


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