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04 May


Thanks for reporting - we found an issue. Look forward to a hotfix very soon.


Hey guys, we're investigating this, would you mind posting your mod lists? Including simple UI/QoL mods.

EDIT: Okay, thanks for reporting - we found an issue. Look forward to a hotfix very soon. Sorry about that.

03 May

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hi everyone!

We're here today with a new feature update to Anomaly. Today's update adds a new way to play with all Anomaly content threaded into the entire game, instead of being linked strictly to the monolith quest. This resembles more how other expansions all interact together continuously over the course of a long game. No need for Anomaly to take over an entire playthrough!

We’ve also added some new economic pathways to make it more feasible to progress through Anomaly content as a low-tech tribal colony.

Take a look:

Ambient horror mode Now, when you start the game, you can select from three ways to integrate Anomaly into your game:
  • Standard with monolith: The original Anomaly experience. Anomaly threats are linked directly to the monolith.
  • Ambient horror: In this new mode, the monolith does not appear. Instead, Anomaly threats are threaded into the rest of the game. All Anomaly threats...
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

27 Apr


Originally posted by EXusiai99

Ludeon shouldnt have waited until a new paid DLC drops just to add a new QOL enhancement. A small update every once in a while addressing the most common complains about the UI/UX should do.

I would love to update more often, but updates break mods and that angers people, so they have to be kept infrequent.

24 Apr


They increase containment strength thus reducing how often escapes happen.

And non-revenant entities still need to beat down the door.

22 Apr

    /u/ on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hello everyone!

Just a quick request: There's been an issue that's popped up in 1.5 that some people have noticed their 'name-in-game' has gone missing. If it's happened to you, please give your name so we can check on it. We're not exactly sure what happened, but we're working on fixing it as soon as possible!

You can leave it in a comment here or on the post in the Ludeon forums[ludeon.com], or PM me as Sneaks on Discord in either the Development s... Read more

19 Apr

18 Apr


Originally posted by LazerMagicarp

One week to make an update to make us happy. You guys rock.

I will spare the next tynan I see out on the rim.

Thank you! Knowing my stats I'll need all the help I can get.

    Mal on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hi everyone - Ty here.

We’re loving your Anomaly stories! Please keep it up with the duplicated babies, shambler babies, and gray labyrinth baby drama. This expansion explores new ground creatively for RimWorld and it’s been incredibly gratifying to see people having new kinds of stories in the game.

Releases like this bring massive amounts of feedback, which is always incredibly valuable for us to understand how the game is playing and what people want. This time around, many players have said they’d like to be able to mix Anomaly content more into the rest of the game so it feels like less of a self-contained experience, and more like something that integrates into a normal playthrough.

Originally, we had Anomaly throw a ton of content at you guys because we wanted to be sure people would experience all the new stuff and see how much was really there. We may have pushed a bit too far there - Anomaly has tons of content and exposi... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

13 Apr


This makes me happy :) Shared with the devs!

12 Apr


Originally posted by polyhistore

Was wondering earlier today if this would work. The real question is if this is an oversight or an intended feature.

Mechs really seem to pair with the new entities like peanut butter and jelly.

We considered this interaction during testing and decided it was most fun to let people do it. "Say yes to the player" is the default.

Of course if we observe it breaking the game too consistently we'd consider adjusting it.



Any way we can encourage players to play forward through drama and challenge and loss is good (because it's hard to generate good stories where nothing ever goes wrong). So I'm very glad this feature is having that effect. Perfect.


Originally posted by bigbadfox

I'm sure you're getting flooded with all kinds of nonsense in comments and dms in the wake of anomaly, and I'm going to add just one more drop in that bucket.

Thank you for the game. I can't tell you how much joy, anxiety, regret, rage, sadness, triumph, and wonder I have felt while surviving in the rim. I can't wait to see how my newly formed band of warrior-scientists succumb to unknowable darkness

Very welcome!


Originally posted by Jangajinx

I will miss knowing that your amazing DLC is out! About to break my 1000 hours milestone! Send help the Void has gotten me!

PS: Give your team lots of love for me! Thank you for everything you all have made as a mod developer and a fangame developer I can understand all the countless hours and endurance to see your vision realized. Do not let anyone hijack your vision for the game and stay true to your roots. Much love! <3

Love has been transmitted! And we thank you for it.


I love hearing when our designs work as intended :)


Glad it's nicely intense!

We are investigating a possible bug or mod interaction that might be causing certain incidents to fire too early. For example, the pit gate is never supposed to appear before the monolith reaches level 2, but from your story it sounds like it appeared right after activating the monolith to level 1.

Can you confirm that the pit gate appeared right after initially activating the monolith? Or was it the similar but different pit burrows? (Pit gate is the one where you have to go underground to defeat it)

And can you let us know if you have any mods active and what they are?

(Might beg for more info/savegame after if that's okay. We're trying to reproduce this.)


Thanks! It's a great game to work on. Always new ideas to explore and positive energy from the community is very motivating.