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This name isn't in the database - you probably want to check the status of it on rimworldgame.com/creative

You can also email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Note that as a matter of policy we don't allow people to put Internet handles into the game since it's too distracting. The guidelines on the site above have more info.

03 Aug

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Hey everyone! Today's update adds a new ideoligion setup screen with a variety of preset patterns for ideoligion generation. The idea is to avoid overwhelming the player with details if they just want to play.

We also added the ability to play the game with an ideology matching classic RimWorld. This is a good idea for the player's first few games as they get used to the game systems.

This update also significantly improves video memory usage, especially in heavily-modded games.

It is compatible with all saves and mods.

Thanks to everyone on the official dev Discord[discord.gg] who helped us test this update! Anyone else who wants to help test is very wel... Read more
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Coisinhas sem importância: Os detalhes sobre este evento podem ser encontrados na página [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/294100/announcements/detail/2996568183493634265]deste anúncio[/url].

That muffalo has a lot of heart.

31 Jul


Thank you Kiwi Rampage.

30 Jul

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone, here's the next RimWorld update for the weekend! Thanks for the ongoing feedback.

It should be compatible with all saves and mods.

- Added temperature tough issue and precept. This makes some believers mind extreme temperatures less.
- Added Alert for likely slave rebellion.
- Mining yield now caps at 125%.
- Clarified in description that the medical specialist won't do violence.
- Clarified spacedrone self-destruct delay info in quest description.
- Gauranlen tree pruning is dictated by a new stat, affected slightly by plants skill. Tree connection pawns have a 25% boost to pruning speed.
- Increase berrymaker dryad production from 32 to 40 berries per batch. Increase medicinemaker dryad production from 3 to 4 herbal meds per batch.
- Archonexus quest now warns players beforehand that research will reset
- Tuned down apostate memory thoughts and adjusted labels.
- Rebalance tree connector thoughts.
... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/294100/announcements/detail/2996567911645516891]here[/url].

29 Jul


Thanks for the feedback! Could I ask you a few more things?

I'm interested in tuning the wealth thresholds for quest arriving/completion.

  1. Did it seem like the quest arrives early/late?
  2. Did it feel like the final wealth requirement was too low/high? Did you feel like you were marking time to the end, or was play still interesting?
  3. How much research did you finish before the end?

Thanks for all who played it and are willing to answer.


Originally posted by JonPaul2384

I haven’t gotten to this point in 1.3 yet, but I’d have to say that starting from zero research is probably going too far (if that is how it works), considering that in every scenario you at least start out with something. Maybe keep some randomly selected low tier research, or let the player choose a few to carry over. Just as long as it’s a reset to the equivalent of a new colony, not a reset to being even farther behind than tribals.

You're right. I am planning to have research go back to more or less something like a classic crashlanded start. Zero is a bit much.


Originally posted by akjjaxx

I find that the charitable quests ? marks don't appear until the people are already leaving the map which makes it impossible for my colonists to catch up and give them the goods. You should be able to give them the items as soon as they appear on the map.

This was addressed in today's build - should be solved now.

28 Jul


Originally posted by theorial

I remember when DLC was called expansion packs, and you actually got a healthy extension to your game with new content. Nowadays all you get are small little packs of items or a handful of quests for half the cost of what an actual expansion would do. I think it was elder scrolls oblivion that had a few expansion packs that actually added new areas to explore, a bunch of quests and items, maybe a new class or race, etc. MMOs still kind of follow this rule with their expansions.

It's just sad that in nearly every aspect of your life, you are being nickel and dimed. You can't just buy something, you have to sign up for a service...

This is why we always call our expansion packs expansion packs!

It kind of annoys me that Steam forcibly labels them "DLC". This isn't a weapon skin.


I have always gone by the principle that the expansions shouldn't interfere with the core game in the slighest. Nothing should ever be visible but locked off, or unbalanced without expansion content, or even refer to expansion content.

We even use expansion-specific text patches to remove references to expansion mechanics in vanilla content. E.g. The description for the 'kind' trait is different with Ideology.


Originally posted by Xeltar

Thanks for the reply! I think it's fine for gameplay purposes to reset the research tree, lets you have something else to work on whilst still having continuity and having fully kitted out pawns and animals is a great help.

I also don't really mind harder raids since well, having valuables means you are a more attractive target but I would suggest if it's possible maybe soft capping expectations of your new colonists so they don't immediately demand stuff that's impossible to build. They were the ones who probably made the decision to sell so having high expectations and desire for rituals in a brand new place seems strange. Maybe a separate expectation category like slaves have that caps out expectations to low for some time to show the pawns are optimistic for having made a very successful colony.

I'm going to review how expectations play out here.

It would be good if I could get a savegame just after archonexus restart to inspect the game state. It'd be great if you (or anyone else reading this) could join the official dev discord and post one!


I love this.

Anima tree went really bonsai-style!


Originally posted by Sosiwatermelon

It's funny, but after a recent patch, this problem no longer appears in new colonies for me. NOW I HAVE ANOTHER BUG that randomly causes the fps to drop to 30 or lower for no goddamn reason.

Life just mocks me. Thank you for responding btw, you are one of the best developers.

We've love to hear about the new issue as well, especially if you can get it without mods! That Discord link should still work if you're willing.