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06 Aug

05 Aug

Originally posted by Scathe: I would request the ability to save custom storyteller settings for use across multiple new games.

That's a good suggestion, I'll pass it on.
Originally posted by gimmethegepgun: Should probably pin this.
Probably a good idea.

RimWorld 1.2 testing

    /u/ on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hello everyone! We have a new patch, version 1.2, ramping up for launch! We are hoping to launch clean and avoid hotfixes, so we are asking once again for your help.

RimWorld’s unstable branch on Steam currently houses our 1.2 build, where we hope you will give it a whirl.

Some new features in the 1.2 base game include:
• Custom playstyle system. Fine tune just how kind (or evil) each storyteller will be.
• Utility gear system. The belt slot has been changed to a utility slot, psychic insanity and shock lances are now equipable items.
• Automatic caravan setup. Caravan screen loads food and medicine for you automatically.
• Tribals can now smash mechanoids for material.
• Carried drugs can be used from inventory.
• New visual effects.
• New sound effects.

New features in Royalty expansion:
• New quests: shuttle defense, bandit camp assault, refugee hospitality, and crashed shuttle.
• Bestower cere... Read more

04 Aug

Which one is your self-portrait /u/Oskar_Potocki?

03 Aug

29 Jul

Originally posted by Roquer

I'm posting this in hopes a dev sees it. Currently the 'refill jump jets' action gets a higher priority than priority 1 doctoring. I hope this gets fixed.

Acknowledged, thanks.

28 Jul

Per the lore, worlds are terraformed and seeded with plants and animals by teams of terraformers. The unusual animals are results of mutations or reactions terran animals have to terraforming. Rimworld planets are supposed to be earth-like.

It's never daylight

    pheanox on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Not sure, last time I played ice sheet was when I was doing internal testing of the new DLC and I noticed it there.

It's never daylight

    pheanox on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Yeah about half the year it will be dark almost all the time, and the other half of the year it will be light all the time in that position.

27 Jul

It's never daylight

    pheanox on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
How far north/south are you? The game simulates where you are and changes the daylight hours based on that based on season.

Pheanox is a dick

    pheanox on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The other person already had a warning and a shorter ban.

Pheanox is a dick

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Pheanox is a dick

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I'm leaving this unlocked, as I'm unsure I should enforce these rules when the aggression is targeted at me, rather than other users. Comments are appreciated.

Pheanox is a dick

    pheanox on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
User has been issued a 1 month ban for Rule 1 and Rule 2.

26 Jul

25 Jul

I do not understand how people think a 2 year old post needs a response. Locked.

24 Jul

Please do not necro 2 year old posts, make a new post for your topic.

18 Jul

Originally posted by Accurina

The first few deposits found I always suited up and prepared to be ambushed by like, 50 manhunting thrumbos or something. But after like the fifth deposit and there never being any enemies except for the squirrels that eat all my simple meals, I just gave up. From then on all I ever sent was a solo colonist with a chain shotgun and normal clothes for weather with 2 muffalos for transporting the ore.

That colonist has not lived in the colony for like years but the amount of steel, uranium and gold they managed to send back for free was huge, like in the thousands. 2k+ steel/deposit, 500+ uranium/deposit, etc hot damn. Thanks miner guy!

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Twitter for drawing practice

*taking notes*

17 Jul

Locked for possible spam.

Originally posted by Side1iner

Absolutely. Well, if you keep going and need play testers or such I’d be happy to pour some hours into it. Much better way to actually give you some constructive feedback when it can actually do some good.

New build should be going up today actually. Come help out! https://discord.gg/XgZSxa

Thanks in advance.

16 Jul

Originally posted by Side1iner

Having looked into it a bit I think you’re absolutely right. It’s been mentioned time and time again the game would never go on sale. But as far as I could see now you never wrote any of those comments or posts.

I guess it’s just one of those things being taken as truth within the community at this point, so good on you for having the energy to keep correcting it.

As I wrote in the post and the comments in this thread I love this game. One of my absolute favorites ever (and I’ve been a serious gamer for 30 years now, so that says kind of a lot).

I’m disappointed with the direction of the game of late, though. Royalty is way to... shallow or gimmicky for me, I guess. It doesn’t follow suit to me. I’ve always thought about RimWorld as a pretty gloomy and depressing — although super fun and funny in many ways — game. A pretty unique and to me very wonderful feel. Royalty feels like an expansion for a Borderlands game, not the first major expansion for RimWor...

Read more


And yeah I basically agree about Royalty. The trailer was really the wrong feel. I rewrote some of the ingame text as well to adjust the tone somewhat too. We're working on another update that will shift this a bit more as well. I'm considering that we might make a new trailer for it at some point.

RW always did have a diverse tone to it though. Lategame megacolonies were always quite different from 'one naked guy fighting a wolf with a stick' situations. Anyway, lessons learned, moving forward.