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30 May

The problem with Royalty

/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by darkbat069

I didn't go through Steam, I went through GOG. Also since installing Royal DLC I now get the Debug Log window popping open every time I start the game. I like the DLC okay, enjoy the quests and such, just not the royalty aspect of it and how it divides the colonist. I just play the quests avoiding the royal ranking rewards or ignore them completely if they are going to give a colonist ranking.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

Royalty DLC

/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by InterstellarAge

When they get to a certain level, and demand things it constantly makes me roll my eyes at them when conditions aren't being met, dont get me wrong i love the game play, but its more of a feeling of, why are you like this haha my post isnt meant as a complaint, more of a Joke.

Got it, thanks :)

Do you just mean they want a throneroom and nice bedroom? Or something else? I'm just curious.

They demand a lot if they're greedy/jealous, but should be pretty chill otherwise.

Royalty DLC

/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by marfachglothach

Love the game. You have given me literally 1000s of hours of entertainment. Thank you.

That being said f*ck mech clusters

Thanks :)

The problem with Royalty

/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by darkbat069

The only mod I run is the Royal DLC. I don't run any of the other mods.

Very strange! Could be a corrupted install too; it may be best just to delete the game files and let Steam re-download them. Steam corrupts files sometimes.

If you went to #troubleshooting in discord.gg/rimworld you could definitely get some help, especially if you could post your log file.

Royalty DLC

/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

I'm curious - why?

28 May

Does this game ever go on sale?

about 16 hours ago - pheanox on Forums - Thread - Direct
Locking redundant thread, OP has acquired the game.

The problem with Royalty

/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by darkbat069

I just discovered Rimworld and like most on here, I'm addicted. I bought it 5 days ago and logged 85 hrs already (good thing I'm quarantined. My girlfriend hates you by the way, lol. Yes, I wanted more and bought Royalty yesterday. I liked the quests starting out early and the minor help with possibility of adding colonists. I was letting the royal experience happen and picked one of my favorite colonists for the rep and first title. Then I started realizing I was losing some control over them, couldn't draft them into a group and they were trying to command the animals. They have their weapon but it doesn't show on their box and I can't make them use it. They have abilities but don't use them because they won't let me draft them into a fighting squad or even singly. This instantly became a huge annoyance. What is the purpose of designing a game where you are trying to get a group of survivors working together then turn one into a walking conflict that's just going to be ...

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Thanks for the props :)

What you're describing isn't part of the game. Sounds like a bug in one of your mods is breaking something, you could go to the RimWorld Discord troubleshooting channel to get help with that.

27 May

Originally posted by clone1337

Quick check:

My savegame is compatible.

No mods broke as 2 minutes check can answer this.

Yeah, good job.


We've released the May 2020 update for RimWorld!

This update is still on version 1.1, because it should be compatible with savegames and mods. If for any reason you have trouble, you can set your Steam beta branch to 'version-1.1.2624' to keep playing on the previous version.

This update has improvements affecting the base game and the Royalty expansion, though since Royalty is much less mature (3 months vs 6 years), it's what got major focus on the content side. This update is the add-on we promised back on March 2.

The big theme of this update was opening up new play paths so you can take on the game's world in whatever way you like, and the game will respond in a way ... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/294100/announcements/detail/2241050403490947259]here[/url].

25 May

23 May

21 May

17 May


/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by zombielicorice

Believe it or not, there once was a mega sloth in North America that humans may have actually met (depending on the margin of when it died out and when humans came to America). Thomas Jefferson had a set of paw bones of one, and (not knowing what it was) instructed lewis and Clark to be on the lookout for a very large lion creature on their journey.

Yes, this is the animal that's in the game. Its real name is megatherium.

As I recall the leading hypothesis was it that it was humans who killed them (along with all the other animals in the Americas bigger than a buffalo), so they definitely met. This was based on there being a steady population of megatheria for millions of years and then all suddenly vanishing at the same time after the aboriginals arrived. Here's a list of them:


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16 May

Hired troopers not leaving

/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

They'll leave soon.

14 May


/u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Stykki

Plasteel is a fairly common sci-fi trope, it appearing in Dune, Star wars, Warhammer 40k and various other video games

Incidentally, all of these propereties except Dune took very clear inspiration from Dune (as well as each other) in many ways. The OP is really good old Frank H.

Originally posted by Avder42

Interesting. In every post I'd seen up to this point there was no mention of a percentage chance of meat rotting, it was just corpses turning rotten and thats it. I still don't like the changes, but reading that the percentage chance is different based on difficulty is at least heartening. A way to negate the rotting through something like a launcher, grenade , or mortar shell that spreads either a cure for the disease or just prevents rotting would be something I'd suggest for vanilla.

And as for deep drilling, since I don't play on savage/merciless, my main sources of plasteel have been deep drilling and the long range mineral scanner. Jade is also a long range scanner resource. Gold I typically get enough of from quest rewards and trading and the deep drills. One mod I would suggest you consider integrating into the base game is deep ore identification so that when the deep ores are visible, hovering over them shows exactly what mineral is under that square.


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You can actually technically negate the scaria effect; if you down the animal and then cure it (the operation is cheap), it might join you or it might not. In either case you can safely slaughter it for meat then.

I intend to make deep resources more readable. I haven't seen the mod you mentioned specifically but it's something that's pretty obviously needed.

I appreciate the healthy engagement! Cheers.

Originally posted by BorealManager5

Would you consider a low effort corpse clean up solution in light of this change. Standard cremation has a very bad work/gain ratio here especially considering the hauling involved.

A corpse bonfire building. Fast construction requires x wood or chemfuel and 10 any corpse. It would be really cool if it would somehow be possible to have multiple pawns 'deliver to construction' at the same time for this, tough probably not possible.. Bonus points if you add minor bad thought (watched burning corpses -2) and intermediate/major good ones for bloodlust/pyro. Especially pyro, cause.. needs more incentive. Thinking about this, do pyros actually get "'burning' passion for my work" when cremating??

You can make a corpse bonfire, just throw some molotov c*cktails at them :)

But yeah, I may speed up cremation.

You can of course just haul them away to a random pile somewhere and leave them to deteriorate to nothing.

do pyros actually get "'burning' passion for my work" when cremating??

No, but that would be great. I'd probably make it a different thought for clarity.

Originally posted by Discandied

I think the man-hunter pack changes were badly needed. I ended up with 100 megasloth corpses in my freezer in my last playthrough, which was ridiculous.

It doesn't solve the problem of them being trivial to defeat from mid-game on, however. Being melee they are trivial when they attack from the edge of the map, once the player has enough concentrated firepower and a perimeter wall. They are, though, one of the most fun events earlier in the game.

One suggestion to make them more interesting: have a hostile faction infect a pack to make them man-hunter then drop-pod them in the middle of your base.

Also, maybe increase the frequency of boomrat packs as they are, in my experience, by far the most difficult to defeat, being fast, hard to shoot and not suitable for fighting hand to hand. Alternatively introduce other animal types which are similarly challenging, for whatever reason.

Yeah, them being so dumb to the slaughter in lategame is a problem. My thought was to make them not actually try to approach, but rather stalk around the map edges and deliberately avoid direct assaults. A bit more of a 'manhunters in the forest' feel. But AI changes like that are really hard to do. There are a lot of AI improvements on the priority queue, they just haven't quite bubbles up yet.

Originally posted by metasymphony

Thank you for the link, I’ll join the Discord for sure. And seriously thank you for all the continued work on updates and patches. It’s great how you listen to the community but still make your own decisions and surprise us with new content like this, instead of just tweaking some numbers for balance.

Nature shrines needing to be far away from structures really made me rethink base design and defences. My little tribe kept getting their shrine destroyed by raiders, had to build pathways and defensive structures all over the map to intercept raids and prevent this. Makes for a good story and more interesting than just building a box around the whole thing.

Thanks :) I hope you won't be disappointed to find I've actually decided the raiders should be unaware of the nature shrines, it just seemed too difficult to defend them considering the benefit. But hey, anything can change.

13 May

Originally posted by KhanOfMilan

Good that you're working on the game so constantly still, you have my respect for hanging in there. I loved the bulk crafting, extravagant clothing, nobility progress, the more realistic sandbags and the new quest system (especially more quests on the map and not the caravanning spam of old RimWorld quests) of the Royalty update. I also agreed with the mech/drill rebalance, and I'll see how I feel about the meat delivery nerf in time.

However, what I really didn't like was making the Empire the enemies of the civil factions, maybe a warning if there are no hostiles for them to fight instead (maybe mention that they are neutral to civil factions if they're on the map too)? Fighting the civil factions if often a conscious choice, and the Rim is rife with factions hostile to each other already. Alternatively maybe a toggle in the game setup for whether they're to be hostile to the civil factions or not?

Also, sorry about the derailing, but could we have an update on th...

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I will think about the Empire relations thing.

The rock types should go back to how they were originally. I believe that's on the unstable branch now, you can test and let me know if it doesn't work.

Originally posted by BriSci

I recently had three manhunter packs in a short period of time. Two naturally occuring and one as the result of a royal quest. Elephants, bears, and panthers. About 50 in each. I didn't need to turn on my turrets or melee block. No one was injured. It's a large (30 colonists), high wealth (over 1M) colony. But my freezer is so full of meat and carcasses that i immediately slaughtered my herd of fifteen yaks, because I will never need their milk now.

So the change makes sense. I am curious how it is implemented. Do all manhunter corpses automatically rot, or is it a percentage chance? Does the chance scale with the size of the pack. I am thinking about the times playing naked brutality when the first event is a manhunting racoon that I have to fight off batehanded or with a poor quality shortbow if I'm lucky.

As for the change where I can no longer strip downed allies of their clothing and kick them out of their hospital bed as soon as they are barely able to walk wi...

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There's a chance for them to rot; it's higher at high difficulties (largely to compensate for the fact that there are more animals at high difficulties, which was one of the original problems - merciless players would get massive meat deliveries but easy mode players got far less, which was entirely backwards).

Originally posted by [deleted]


EDIT: New account specifically made to sling personal insults and break rules. If you want to talk use your normal account and follow the rules please.

Yes, this is the unstable testing build. If anyone wants to get realtime updates and participate in testing, I hope you'll join us on the unstable testing Discord server!