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21 Nov

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Hey everyone. RimWorld turned ten years old on November 4, 2023, and it's just in time for the 2023 Steam Awards. You can nominate RimWorld under the "Labor of Love" category!

It's been ten years of content from the Kickstarter, alpha, beta, and Steam greenlight days, plus game updates, lore, fanart, videos, streams, memes, Royalty, Ideology, Biotech, Steam Deck, console release, and much more I didn't cover. We're really proud of RimWorld and our community. Here's to more RimWorld!

The Steam Autumn Sale just started as well, and we're running discounts on ... Read more
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05 Oct


Originally posted by 48JACKAL

Some design references I did for the vanilla mechs and the diabolus.

For the pikeman, I heavily referenced the version drawn by u/epebe_ since I am a huge fan of how he designed it (and all of his concept art). I wish I could have seen him do all the other mechs...

For the centipede, I referenced a really cool design idea from a post by u/Maelorian where they mounted the cannon to the top of the mech.

And many thanks to the friend who really wanted to see how I would design the diabolus!

Hope you guys enjoy!

These are great! Very close to how I'd imagine them.

30 Sep


Originally posted by more_foxes

I loved UT2004 and that was one of my favourite Assault maps. That must have been AGES ago, jeez.

That's awesome - I was never sure if anyone really played it! Man that was a long time ago.


Originally posted by Vyper11

Tynan you’re actual goat status just so you’re aware. Hope you’re all good and livin life between your dope ass game work.

Thanks! You guys are awesome.

29 Sep


That's cool - I almost forgot about that one! Fun map to work on.

14 Sep


Originally posted by clipples18

I blame the super chill soundtrack

There actually was no soundtrack back then! It was about May-June 2013, months before I started working with Alistair Lindsay.

My friend who played wasn't falling asleep though; the 3 of us who were watching did.

06 Jul

20 Jun

27 Apr

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[EDIT] The Makeship campaign has ended! Thank you to all of our supporters!

Hello! We just launched these adorable plush thrumbos on Makeship! They're delightfully fluffy and only available for a limited time - the campaign ends May 17. (They're also our very first official RimWorld merch.)

UPDATE: We've extended our Thrumbo campaign to June 1, 2023! Thank you so much for all of your support. 💙

Get your own thrumbo before they move on: https://www.makeship.com/products/thrumbo-plush

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20 Apr


Originally posted by EnrageTroya

Didn't know Tynan was good with plants

Well, I managed to keep a basil plant alive for like 6 months. That's not bad, right?

19 Apr

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Hello hello! There's a little update today that fixes a bug where colonist assignments were removed when you entered a caravan, plus some other useful changes. :)

Changelog is below! And if you encounter a bug, please share it over on our Official RimWorld Development Discord[discord.gg].

Cheers! - Tia

Changelog - Clarify that pawns with no xenogenes cannot implant their xenogerm into another person. Show correct warning message on attempt.
- Updated psychic bonding hediff tooltip to factor in pawns contained in buildings.
- Updated player name-in-game content.
Fixes - Fix: Load stack count is incorrect for caravan itab when there is only one thing in the transferable and the player isn't taking the whole stack.
- Fixed some typos.
- Fix: Magenta square fetus graphics when reloadi... Read more
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18 Apr


Originally posted by ratsmacker_2

Omg he made it in Photoshop originally? That's insane

It was faster than Illustrator for the really simple stuff I needed, and it made it easy to pixel-align things nicely. With graphics that small (and a willingness to make them somewhat janky), the power and precision of Illustrator was unnecessary.

Also, I don't know how to use Illustrator.

30 Mar

28 Mar

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Spring is here, so we’re springing into action with a (small) update of fixes for RimWorld and its expansions.

The changelog is below, but here are the highlights! We fixed an issue where captured prisoners were escaping from your caravans and another issue where siblings became unrelated to each other if their parents were removed from the game.

If you like following these updates, you’re welcome to join us and even test new builds over at the Official RimWorld Development Discord[discord.gg]!

Enjoy! - Tia

Changelog - The bestowing ceremony lord will now be removed once the last pawn has left the map.
- Removed 2 second damage stagger from tunneler mechs. Staggering is based on weapon stopping power as with all other pawns.
- Update previous passion values if a child growth moment pi... Read more
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