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Hi, when Biotech released I thought it would be appropriate to buy it on the Ludeon website in order to further support them.

But after Rimworld updating to the latest patch, my game and Biotech have been completely broken. I should note I am running ZERO mods.

Is there anyway to patch the game? I've tried downloading the files again, and trying to register the DLC to my steam account but nothing has worked so far.

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Hi, thanks for buying from us.

Are you running on Steam or are you running the DRM-free download? If you're comfortable with it, it would be best to register all your products on Steam via rimworldgame.com/getmygame - then, just install and play on Steam as usual.

Sometimes Steam breaks files and fails to fix them even on verify. In these cases you need to go into the actual file explorer and delete all the game files and files for all expansions to force it to re-download everything.

You can email [ludeonhelp@gmail.com](mailto:ludeonhelp@gmail.com) for help.

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