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Some quick transparency, I did volunteer beta testing for the Royalty DLC for about 5 months, and myself and a few dozen others worked with Tynan and the other devs to help balance the new content and squash bugs (lord, if only you all could see Royalty's early stages lol).

That being said, I'm going to put out an opinion or two as a Rimworld fan, not as some kind of Ludeon insider. With the release of Royalty, I've seen more than a few accusations that the DLC "lifts mods from the steam community and puts a price tag on them". Apparently several Rimworld mods "do what the DLC does, but for free". That, of course, is ridiculous.

Anyone who's angry about this, consider that the modding community for Rimworld is huge, with people from all over the world implementing their own ideas into the game. They range from lore-friendly to downright whacky, from dinosaurs, to aliens, to vampires, you name it. Considering the massive amount of user content, how is Tynan supposed to traverse it without triggering the (ridiculous) accusation of taking fan ideas?

Tynan and the devs are trying to come up with new content to expand Rimworld, and obviously there's a chance new content may vaguely overlap with other people's mods; seven or so devs versus thousands of mod makers. What sort of game would Rimworld be if all Tynan did was anxiously scour mod lists, worried that his new idea would be too close to someone else's? That's a restriction that no game developer or artist should have to consider - there are already enough development hurdles in the way as it is. What are they supposed to do otherwise? "Welp, there's already a user-made quest mod, better scrap the backbone of the DLC that we've been developing for the past several months, all that develop time and company cost is down the toilet".

Go ahead and criticize the DLC for whatever it is you want to criticize it for, that's fine, but don't just kneejerk and accuse the devs of ridiculous things over unofficial mods. Let Ludeon have their creative freedom.

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Originally posted by Elvenstar32

I mean I was actually impressed how I got excited about the new features of the royalty DLC.

Mechanoid bases? Can't remember a good mod for that.

Quests? Yeah I mean there are mods that events/quests but not the ones that are added by the DLC. The hosting quests especially have nothing to do with the hopistality mod and I am particularly hyped about the construction quests.

New way to end the game? We had the one from rimgenetics and kind of save our ship 2 I think, this is another one that is achievable in a completely different way, that's interesting damn.

New tech level that mixes old tech and futuristic tech? Find me one good mod that has this retrofuturistic theme, because I don't remember seeing it. I've seen medieval mods, glittertech mods, dozens of other glittertech/spacer level tech but steampunk or whatever type of punk this tech is, nope.

Pyschic powers? I know only one mod that does that, it's been released in november of 2019 and hasn't gotten a single update since. This DLC hasn't been made in a month or two, by the time Psychic awakening got released the devs were probably way too invested to scrap the idea just because "there's a mod that does this and that seems to have been released and abandonned immediately afterwards since the dev of the mod sort of retired".

Royal Titles? I guess colony leadership kind of added a system that made one of your pawns a leader but it wasn't all that complex and not a massively popular mod either.

The one complaint I could agree with is that listing new music as a new feature is a bit meh but well music composers aren't free either so it's fair game by my standards.

I don't agree with people complaining about the price for various reasons.

But I honestly believe that people who complain about Ludeon Studios just ripping off content made by mod creators are just next level delusional individuals who have found no other way to justify their price complaints.

You're right about Psychic Awakening.

We started developing Royalty alongside 1.1 in late 2018. Implemented psycasts through summer 2019. Psychic Awakening came out November 23 and I think I heard about it around December-January. I was worried for a few seconds until I read their ability list and realized there's basically zero overlap :). Still looks like a cool mod though.

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Originally posted by cortanakya

So... Vague question in the hopes of a vague answer... Is there any more DLC planned? I'd understand if you didn't want to answer to avoid committing to something but hey, it can't hurt to ask!

It's a bit early to commit either way on that I'm afraid.

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Originally posted by Parokki

Can you confirm that the sight of money pouring into your bank account is making you feel warm and fuzzy inside and that we're good boys and girls for buying the DLC?

I can definitely confirm that. You all are amazing and I'm thankful.

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Originally posted by tearblast

Hey will you ever update the fiction primer to go along with the new DLC? I loved how it set up rim world and would love to see how it would incorporate the dlc

I actually wrote a giant doc long ago about the Empire fiction, maybe I'll clean it up and add it to the fiction primer. Thanks.

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Originally posted by wolfman1911

I don't think that I've ever seen a modder that wasn't ecstatic that their mod got incorporated into the base game. I even heard a rumor that the Vanilla Extended guy got hired by Ludeon, and that had something to do with his livestock mod getting incorporated, but I can't verify that.

Not a rumor - it's in the 1.1 and Royalty announcement!

Oskar Potocki helped us out making art for Royalty - he was the artist on the project so all the new apparel and stuff is his. He also contributed animals art from his vanilla animals mod to the 1.1 update.

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Originally posted by jstank2

I remember the early days of Rim World and how involved the players were through the entire process all the way up until the point where Tynan stopped putting out his daily changelog notes. (Not sure what he called it) . It was always a daily ritual coming home from a dull day at work and immediately digging through the forums for little nuggets of what was changing or could change, what I agreed with and what I didn't, what I thought should happen versus what other people thought about the same topic. I really enjoyed being part of that process and even sometimes getting a reply from Tynan himself! I really got the feeling that he was listening to us for the entire time and it felt great. This was at the same time where other games would be stumbling over themselves to find that magic formula of the early access model.

The secret is that the players know best! If something is obviously out of whack about 500 people are going to notice it immediately and tell the developer about it. A good developer takes that data and says... OK! Let's change it! This obviously isn't working. On the other hand, if something clicks, those same alpha players are going to immediately praise the developer for it. I think it was in this fire that Rimworld was truely forged to be a masterpiece game that is universally loved.

When it got to 1.0 I was happy that we had been apart of the process, and a lot of the players decided the process was over and started to move on to other games. So unannounced to us, all the sudden 1.1 is out? Wait, What? Then out of the blue DLC...

I don't know how everyone else feels but I feel that it is a bit odd that the game is no longer forged in our furnace. It feels like, somehow some of the ownership of the game had been lost.

What I fear now with this new model is the continuation of this model going forward. Is it going to turn into something like Sims where new content is trickled in at 20 dollars a pop? That would be quite disappointing. Tynan does deserve my extra 20 dollars, however, if another DLC comes out in a few months demanding another 20 dollars I probably won't be on board. The game really isn't the player's game anymore. We were left out of this DLC and its process. Though I'm glad that some of us were included I wish we all had been. I was kind of hoping for a brand new push to Rimworld 2.0 using ideas from the community to take the game to the next level!

We'll see what happens. The new DLC hasn't even been out for a day yet so who knows what is going to happen next. I just hope the future is bright.

Thanks for everything Tyan, it has been a really great experience watching this game take shape, all 3,476 hours of it!

I mean hell I was content with human leather sandbags!

Well, FWIW as /u/DarthGrandma noted we did do a ton of testing and back and forth with the internal testers. It's just that I wanted to avoid some of the noise and heartbreak that can happen if you do this kind of thing in public. I.e. In game dev, if you're shooting for high quality, features will always change a lot over time, and sometimes get cut. But if we developed things in public, some people look at change logs as promises and get angry if anything is cut. But we can't be forced to never get rid of anything due to public pressure; it would ruin the iterative design process.

Royalty is out now and it's done, but there's no reason we can't do something else with it in a free update in future. There will definitely be a hotfix in the coming weeks to fix any bugs that come up (thankfully nothing major so far - our testers did great), and after that if it's appropriate there are lots of ideas here for more stuff to do.

I don't think the community is out of the loop at all; it just has to be done a bit differently since there are so many people (WAY more than back when I did my daily public log), since it was a paid update, and since the modding community is big (so we can't just slam out updates that casually break stuff like we used to - a huge reason for the slow cadence of updates is just because I don't want to break mods more than absolutely necessary. So we ended up with a 16 month gap).

So I do feel where you're coming from, I really believe in involving the community but to do it in a healthy way, methods have to change. What made sense with 20,000 players doesn't make sense any more as you move towards 2 million players.

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Originally posted by DarthGrandma

I believe they added ducks/horses/etc from Vanilla Expanded into 1.1, which was, of course, free.

Yeah, we redesigned them but the art is directly from Vanilla Animals. We hired Oskar (who made it) to make all the art for Royalty too.

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Originally posted by Gwyllie

Tynan please i would like to hear a definitive answer from you regarding DLC-requirement flag for mods, not just speculations from random people.

If there was/is mod that used some content that is now in the DLC directly or via concept, is it going to be flagged as DLC-required?

Is there any limit to stuff people can mod and use without the DLC?

Connected to previous questions, is this DLC in any form limiting to modders in terms of having to actually have to own the DLC? Is in clear theory possible to recreate this DLC as a free mod or will modder hit big wall "Buy here"?

I dont really want RimWorld to end up like Paradox or Bethesda games where one has to own DLC´s for the mods to work in a first place because devs decided that some features are at premium and unmoddable without paying first.

I am not saying that i dont want to buy your DLC or anything. Its just matter of principle regarding freedom of modding and using mods. I still think that out of every possible game studios/devs/publishers out there, you are one of the about dozen that actually deserve every single penny for their work and more.

Unless a mod directly builds on Royalty content there's no reason for it to require Royalty. I expect essentially all current mods and 95% of future mods to work with or without Royalty.

I made sure during the design process to reject ideas that would change the 'bases' of the game and thus create expansion/mod conflicts. So Royalty is a clean drop-in addition of content. No split community because that sucks.

Now, there is the issue of 'clawout' mods. Some things are part of Royalty and if a mod uses them the players would need the expansion too. Things like royal titles and mechanoid clusters. It may be technically possible to hack up a mod that hooks into the code for these to essentially claw content out of the expansion and into a mod. I hope modders don't do this and if they do we'll likely have to take the mod down. There are tons of ways to expand the game, so there's no reason to be pulling our content out like that. I hope modders can build on the systems we've added like the Quests system, which people should discover is stupidly expandable.

But overall I don't anticipate a split community; it's been important to me not to go down that path.

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Originally posted by MDCCCLV

I ended up with a royalty visiting me and he had a mental break and missed his shuttle. Somehow he ended up joining my colony five minutes after it started with him constantly being sad that he is living in a dirt hovel. But he can summon godlike reinforcements and can shoot pretty well.

Yeah we got another report of this. It's a bit weird and we'll probably change something in the coming hotfix.

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Originally posted by NotATypicalTeen

Hey, thanks for the awesome game! Having a lot of fun playing it.

Just a quick question though. My friend bought me rimworld as a gift, and helped me download it on my laptop since I'm not the most tech savvy person around. Not through steam, but the way that gave a "DRM-free personal download link". It doesn't look like my copy of rimworld has updated to 1.1 though? Top left of my screen still says 1.0.2408. How/when can I update it?

Also, can I get the royalty DLC on this version of Rimworld or not? Since, again, I don't use steam.

Hey thanks :)

You should be able to re-download and get the latest version. I updated it 24 hours ago.

You can also buy Royalty DRM-free at https://rimworldgame.com/royalty


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Originally posted by Plu-lax

I've got one where when I murder a noble my colonists inherit their title. Are you tracking that or would you like a bug report?

A report would be useful - I'm not sure what the bug is here.

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Originally posted by IFailatGaming1

Hello Tynan, this is slightly off topic with the rest of the thread, but I feel it must be said.

I truly believe that a lot of the noble requirements stiffle creativity, most specifically the clothing and room requirements, for example, if i wanted a throne room with red carpet up to the throne, i wouldn't be able to do so i don't believe, because it's not fine flooring. Similarly, i believe that it's quite silly that you seemingly need a throne room for every noble in your colony, or visitor, which doesn't really make sense.

While I'm overall enjoying the DLC, these concerns have been constantly at the back of my mind, and i hope you can put them to rest. Thank you a lot for rimworld, it has been one of the greatest games I've had the pleasure to play.

We definitely went back and forth during development re: creativity versus prescriptivism in the throneroom system.

A few notes though - if you want a red carpet in your throneroom, you can use the fine red carpet. Also, visitors don't need throne rooms (only bedrooms). If two married colonists are noble, they can share a throneroom. Not sure if the game has a clarity issue around these.

But yeah, the goal was to be as flexible as possible while also having the throneroom still look something like a throneroom (justified in the lore by legal requirements from Empire's culture).

I'm definitely open to feedback if you have a specific suggestion about how the requirements should change.

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Originally posted by Zupercharged

Hi, so I have a specific suggestion about the noble requirements and possible changes if thats alright with you.

A big issue with the noble requirements is the fact that they give the impression your lord pawn arbitrarily becomes more difficult and obnoxious as their rank ascends regardless of their character traits or the intentions of the player. Specifically its the fact that this suggests a sudden personality shift that makes its so jarring since their reaction to their demands not being met is to take it personally, as if the mere granting of a title makes the lord a different and subjectively worse person.

The requirements in themselves generally make sense, there are expectations that come with any rank of nobility, however rather than arbitrary mood debuffs it would be more accurate if the consequences for failing to meet these demands came from outside the colony. Specifically with debuffs to your colony's relations, both official and personal, with the other nobles of the empire.

Take commoner work for example. People have pointed out that a promoted noble would not suddenly dislike a job they still have a passion for, and that some jobs like hunting, tailoring and gardening could be interpreted as noble hobbies. But regardless it would not be unrealistic for a noble who pursues an occupation unbecoming of their rank to be looked down upon by their peers. This could be reflected by negative consequences like diminished reputation gain with noble factions, and for visiting nobility to have a poorer opinion of your lord and colony which could result in political drama instead of an uncharacteristic mood debuff.

I would write more but ive been advised to keep it as brief as possible. That said I do hope you find the feedback constructive!

You're right and it is something I thought of - having the Empire be the one that cares about these things instead of the pawn himself. The issue is just complexity. The mood system already has great feedback and nice smooth impact curve, and the debuffs can be overcome in other ways. To do it by factions, we'd need to add a whole new system of 'faction is mildly angry about you for X, Y, Z' feedback, teach the player about it, balance it, and so on. We could do a simple version quickly but doing this properly would incur costs on player learning and on implementation and I judged it wasn't the best place to put scarce resources. Letting the colonists get haughty made enough sense for RimWorld. Of course I'm still taking feedback so nothing is set in stone though; you're not the first to mention this.

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Originally posted by Isaac_The_Khajiit

I know that it's probably too late to make such a major change, but I also really hate the way noble colonists are handled. I find it immersion breaking for the reasons /u/Zupercharged already mentioned, and also because most players (myself included) dislike mood debuffs that feel arbitrary or unfair.

I personally think it would have made more sense to penalize psychic power users. For example, perhaps the psychic powers give them a weak constitution which makes them become ill if they aren't fed good food, and perhaps they have to recharge their power on an item that's the equivalent of the throne, or maybe psychic power makes them go crazy so they exhibit odd behaviors with random mental breaks.

It might seem nitpicky but for me, logical consistency is very important. The behavior of the noble pawns is downright bizarre considering the rough, almost apocalyptic setting. And having more tangible consequences seems like a good thing too. (Mood debuff hidden in a menu from eating simple food, versus vomiting because the delicate constitution of the psychic is upset.)

Love everything else about the DLC, though. Really glad the power claw made a comeback!

I appreciate the meaningful feedback.

RW has always had an absurdist humor thread to it, juxtaposed with amoral hardscrabble survivalism. Royalty leans more on the former, it is true, and I can imagine for individuals who are drawn to the survival feeling it wouldn't be as satisfying as it could be.

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Originally posted by patoarmado

Hello Tynan, thanks for the cool DLC!

After playing a lot of this weekend, here are two very specifics pieces of feedback concerning throne rooms:

  • Somehow, silver tiles do not count as "fine" tiles. Not sure if that is intended, but if it is, it would be nice to have "fine" versions of the silver and gold tiles.

  • A Knight requires a Harp, but does not accept a Harpsichord or Piano, even though higher levels accept those. Feels a bit weird that the requirement is "exactly this" and not "this or better"

Not related to the throne room, but I also found a really weird bug that when my colonist became a noble, their heir was defined as a pawn that was not one of the colonists. I found out later that the designated heir was actually an ancient soldier sleeping in my ancient danger.

Great feedback. The silver/gold tile thing is already on our list of things to fix.

I'll think about the harp thing; it could be simple or maybe not.

Inheritance is a bit random sometimes; that doesn't sound broken but it is odd. I suspect it'll get refined.

Thanks for playing!

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