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Hey folks Ramsi here again, this time not in a news alert that will make ten of you throw a fit.

So here's the thing, because someone brought it up:

If you're looking for regular responses to thoughts you have, bug reports, or a mod you're using you should go to the forums at https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php

See, that was even bolded to make it much more obvious on how important that is! On here most of you are just going to be talking to other Steam users, and while that's great.. Tynan is a very busy dev. He doesn't always have time to talk on here because of how much work he's investing into the game.. and eating. Sometimes the man eats!

Our forum has a lot more activity, is often bustling with everyone who was part of the community before Steam, and also has Tynan far more active (still not that active) as opposed to on here.

Let me make it very clear that nobody is saying that you aren't supposed to use the RimWorld Community Hub, just that if you're looking for more reasonable responses, help, or to even talk to a mod maker you'll have far more luck at https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php

Do you have an issue with Mods from the Workshop?
Post directly to the Mod Maker in their respective Mod Workshop page, we don't dabble in hand holding for our content creators and as such can not directly help you.

Thanks everyone, just wanted to let folks know there are other options for the sake of communication outside of the Community Hub, also if you own the game there is little reason for you to not use the official forums from time to time.

:awoo: n' stuff.
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Originally posted by Joel: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php

Originally posted by sm12345: I found a anoying bug where do i tell the devs?

Thank you!

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