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Oof. Turkish price is a bit higher than I expected. Still lower than USD/TRY exchange rate but... I wish it was 180₺. DLC right now is 4.5x higher than the price of game for me.

EDIT: More full discussion and resolution in this comment.

Yeah, Steam recently changed their recommended non-USD prices. Biotech's prices are based on Steam's recommendations, but I reduced the prices below Steam's recommendations for Euros, Pounds, Canadian dollars, Russian Rubles, Polish Zloty and Hong Kong dollars.

Looks like there was a huge jump in the recommendations for Turkish Lira and Argentine Peso. I don't know much about these currencies or why this happened, but I've just put in a request to reduce them to something a bit more in line with our other products (at least for now). Just depends on when Valve can get to it (they usually start work in like an hour).

over 1 year ago - /u/TynanSylvester - Direct link

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Waiting to buy the DLC on your website ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The Video.


Website actually broke on release! Our webdev is working on fixing it right now. Thanks for waiting!