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Steam recently changed their recommended non-USD prices. Biotech's prices are based on Steam's recommendations, but I reduced the prices below Steam's recommendations for Euros, Pounds, Canadian dollars, Russian Rubles, Polish Zloty and Hong Kong dollars.

Looks like there was a huge jump in the recommendations for Turkish Lira and Argentine Peso. I don't know much about these currencies or why this happened, but I've just put in a request to reduce them to something a bit more in line with our other products (at least for now). Just depends on when Valve can get to it (they usually start work in like an hour).

EDIT: I managed to get on the phone with Valve and adjusted 12 currencies downwards below their new recommendations, including Turkish Lira, Argentine Peso, Ukranian Hryvnia, Colombian Peso, Indonesian Rupiah, Indian Rupee, Kazakhstani Tenge, Phillipine Peso, Thai Baht, Uruguayan Peso, Vietnamese Dong, and South African Rand.

Ordinarily Steam denies such price reductions so soon after release but given that the original prices came from their recommendations and Biotech's status as an expansion they made an exception here.

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