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All of my account XP is gone after the MMR "Fix".

The rocket pass I purchased along with all items/achievements have disappeared.

No credits have appeared to refund me.

All of my MMRs are 600.

My account was fully reset.

I am not the only one having this issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/144p8vv/ive_lost_all_my_levelsprogress_on_my_account_what/?sort=new

Psyonix please acknowledge.

EDIT - Yes. A ticket has been submitted. Of course. But a response has not arrived.

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4 months ago - /u/Psyonix_Ted - Direct link

Hey there! While the support team will have the capability to look further into this, can you double check to see that your primary account is still set to the correct account and any console accounts are still connected?

Also if you have your ticket number can you let me know what it is?

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