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Latest Patch NotesDirectX 11 Experimental Client (11 days ago)

Originally posted by robotron2112

u/Psyonix_Devin This is prohibiting a customer from giving you money. Do y’all not like money?

Has your friend talked with our support team about this? Please have them start a ticket on


Hey there,

Are you using any third party mods?

If not, would you be able to DM me the repro steps for this bug?

20 Feb

Honestly I just want to brag(humbly)

3 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey, that's great to hear, congrats!

Rewards Question

3 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by iOMelon

Are you sure about that? In season 11 I only reached GC in Rumble and got my GC reward level there and I only received the Rumble GC title.

Yes, you're right. That was my fault.

A bit ironic in this context, but yeah you still need to reach Grand Champion in a non-Extra Mode playlist to receive the normal GC title. However, you will receive all other rewards besides the normal GC title.

Unable to play

3 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey guys, Xbox Live Content and Purchase Usage is down right now. Players may not be able to connect or make purchases.

Keep an eye on their status page here:

19 Feb

Rewards Question

4 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by aggro_nl

I did link it up here. Copy paste. So what ur saying is if i get GC in normal 3s. Drop down, get the rewards of GC in rumble i also get the normal gc title without hitting it again? Cuz thats not what support said haha so this is getting more and more confusing

Correct, and in fact, you don't need to reach GC in 3s to receive the normal GC title. So long as you unlock the GC Season Reward Level, you will unlock all of the general GC rewards. Only the extra mode titles need to be unlocked by reaching GC in their respective playlists.

Players who only reach Grand Champion in an Extra Mode will unlock that Extra Mode's Grand Champion title plus all other rewards excluding the normal Grand Champion title. In order to unlock the normal "Season X Grand Champion" title, you need to reach Grand Champion in a non-Extra Mode competitive playlist.

See our Season 10 Rewards blog for an example.

Rewards Question

4 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ytzi13

Hey dirk, he linked the response here.

And, to clarify, the question is specifically this:

If I were to hit GC in hoops before unlocking the GC reward level and then lose GC, never to get it back that season, and then I were to unlock the GC SRL later on in the season in Standard 3s. Would I still get the hoops title for hitting GC earlier in the season? I was under the impression this was the case (and am pretty sure that both myself and my friend obtained our titles that way a couple seasons back), but the response OP received from support seems to indicate that you need to hit GC at some point after you obtain the SRL in order to obtain the title.

Thanks, I'm sending this to our Customer Care team so we can make sure that messaging is corrected.

You will still receive the Hoops title no matter when you complete the GC Season Reward Level.

Rewards Question

4 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by aggro_nl

I got a response from Psyonix, they say you first need to hit GC rewards, only then will other GC hits count. So if you hit GC, drop down without getting the rewards and then complete them in a different playlist, you do need to hit GC again in order to get another title. This is way they say.

Would you be able to share that response? I want to make sure we aren't messaging anything that's incorrect.

As u/ytzi13 said, you should receive the GC season rewards and title if you reached GC in 3s and unlocked the GC Season Reward Level. Where you end up in 3s doesn't matter, nor where you gained the Season Reward Level.

Originally posted by zac9500

Hi again - happening right now to PSN: TheG2Destroyer on 348 ping entire game no chsngex

It seems like you see a lot of spikes in latency so I'm really interested in seeing what an MTR from you would look like.

I feel that because these issues usually just affect you, or as it seems a friend with the same ISP too, it may be a routing issue.

I'll DM you some IPs and instructions on how to run an MTR so we can look further into this.

18 Feb

The truth

6 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by PillowTalk420

Oh... See, I'm not worried about privacy concerns or anything, I just thought it would be cool if devs could just get metrics off my profile without having to get it myself and send a snapshot. 😁

To a certain degree we can since we track network stats between the player and the game server, though, we still like to see MTRs. That's the only way we can get a player's upstream traceroute information.

Originally posted by MrCrowley33

Thanks for getting back to us man! I'll get some logs shared as soon as I can . I use CSTS as it seems to skew the least after the buffer issue.


17 Feb

Hey u/zac9500, could you share your in-game names or Steam profile URL with me? I'm interested in seeing what's happening in these matches.

Originally posted by slippy412

Ahh thank you for looking into this dirkened!

I’m not OP but I normally use Legacy. I started having this issue and pulled up my in-game graphs and saw the same issues, so I tried switching mid-game to CSTS. The switch helped reset my IBuff but it would eventually climb higher again until I switched back to legacy. Some times switching this setting helped for a minute before eventually coming back, other times it didn’t do anything.

Some games my ping would jump up and never recover from 130/yellow, getting lag icons for half the match with a high IBuff at 12. Other games my ping would be high for me at 35/green (I’m usually at 15 or lower) with no lag icons and my IBuff would still be 12 with rubber banding.

If I can provide anything else in addition to OP’s findings just let me know :) and thank you again for your assistance!

Thanks for the info!

If you can dm me a game log from a session where you ran into the lag problems you're describing, that would be helpful.

Logs are found in %userprofile%\Documents\my games\Rocket League\TAGame\Logs\

The name is based on a timestamp of when Rocket League was closed, and if it was your last session it will be called Launch.log


The truth

6 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by WhiteKidzFlossing

do you also want mine, I disconnect every game for like 10 seconds and after get really high ping

Sure, though I feel that you may want to reach out to our Customer Care team. Based on what you're saying, it seems like there's a different problem here.

The truth

6 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by PillowTalk420

Whoa what? You can get those stats from someone's Steam profile?

What u/thisismetyping said. I only need to identify their account so I can look at their recent performance. None of this information can be found directly on Steam.

Thanks for posting what findings! I'm going to send this info off to our team for further investigation.

Edit: If you can share your Input Buffer setting, that would be helpful too, thanks!

15 Feb

The truth

8 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by FlickrFade

Yup. I was playing the other day. My ping was around 100 to 120 the whole night. No lag.

Last night ping was at 50-60. I couldn’t hit the ball or pick up boost from the lag.

Hey, could you DM me your in-game name or Steam profile URL if you're on PC? I'm really interested in looking at your network performance.

14 Feb

Okay Psyonix..

9 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ReadsStuff

I played a guy the other day who had 1488 in his name and literally said HH BROTHER in his name. When I said fash lives don't matter I got banned though.

Your exact sentence wouldn't trigger the automated system. Can you share your in-game name or Steam profile URL so I can look into it?

RLCS 9 Scheduling Update

9 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Ian on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Tommogecko

The fact that ENTIRE is fully capitalised makes it seem like it’s a really long stream

It will be double the length of a normal RLCS broadcast, so get comfy haha.

RLCS 9 Scheduling Update

9 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Ian on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by dmrawlings

Thanks for this!

It gives us over at Fantasy time to adapt as well.

Stay tuned for updates on that.

Good to hear! :D

RLCS 9 Scheduling Update

9 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Ian on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by HTGeorgeForeman

So what does double header mean? Just that both NA and EU are playing on monday?

Yes, both NA and EU will play. There will be ten total matches (5 EU and 5 NA).

RLCS 9 Scheduling Update

9 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Ian on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hi everyone, in order to keep RLCS Season 9 on track in the wake of the PsyNet service disruptions earlier this month, we have a few updates to share regarding the schedule for League Play:

  • League Play Week 2 will be at its normal times this Saturday and Sunday
  • Matches scheduled for Week 4 will be played during Week 3 (Feb. 22 & 23)
  • We are adding an additional double-header broadcast on Monday, March 9 for Week 3 matches

Shifting Weeks 3 and 4 around allows us to use a League Play week with ten matches for the double-header as opposed to the later League Play weeks that have 12 matches. This cuts down on the number of matches played in such a short time frame. We chose March 9th in order to give players, teams, and our production crew enough time to adequately prepare.

And about that double-header? Double Painted Fan Rewards will be ON throughout the ENTIRE broadcast! Make sure to tune in for your shot at some awesome painted ...

Read more External link →
  1. Find them.

  2. Befriend them.

  3. Destroy them in 1v1.

  4. Ghost them for all time.

13 Feb

Very cool! Decal looks like a mix of milky way and aurora borealis.

Stalker - body concept

10 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

JUMPER -- you have been absolutely killing with concepts on the sub recently. Keep it up, we love seeing this stuff! :D

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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