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Latest Patch NotesDouble Drop & Painted Weekend Starts July 4 (17 days ago)

Servers down?

44 minutes ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey guys,
We are currently experiencing issues that are causing players to disconnect from PsyNet. We are actively investigating and believe that it is recovering right now but there may be more disruptions.

Thanks for your patience.

This... This hits too close to home lol

Cant play or invite (PS4)

about 17 hours ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Rule of thumb for anything this out of the ordinary is to check with the platform itself. PSN may be having some issues right now, popped up on Down Detector in the last hour, see also this tweet from @AskPlayStation.


Comb my Octane

about 21 hours ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by iiPiv

YES! Excellent work on both, bud. :D

17 Jul

Comb my Octane

2 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

No Hustle Brows Topper is a missed opportunity.

State of Public API? v4

2 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by CasperIG

Hey, any update on this?

No update to share at this time, thank you!

16 Jul

So rad

Tournaments need more incentive.

3 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks for posting and for the suggestions. We have some plans for revising the Tournaments system, but can't share anything beyond that right now. Thanks, all!

15 Jul

Wife and I’s wedding topper

4 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

That's why you play with a wireless controller. Congratulations! :D

12 Jul

Congratulations, so happy for the two of you!!! :D

Greatest Rocket League story of all time?

Greatest Rocket League story of all time. Congrats again, you two! <3

Originally posted by wizzygang

Just wanna say I haven't been interested in Rocket League much since 2016. Spike Rush has been a breath of new life to RL for me and made me purchase the game a second time on another platform.

Thanks for sharing that! We're glad you're enjoying it :)

11 Jul

How to appeal a punishment

8 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Grisolent

Ikr right and the only swear word I used once was "cunt". Sure its not appropriate but the game would be toxicity free by now if one word got you banned/chat restricted.

Hey there, the Automated Language Ban system would not ban you for saying that once, and if what I'm seeing in the backend is from your account, this is certainly not the case.

If you wish to appeal, you can log into our support site and submit a ticket at

Originally posted by GatIsBack

/u/Psyonix_Devin ?

During this weekend-long event, all Uncommon or higher free customization items [...] will drop twice as often after Online Matches of any game type.

Through-out the entire Double Drop weekend, I received the exact same number of Uncommon or higher free customization items as normal: 1 after every match.

I did not receive them twice as often, as your announcement page claims.

How do you explain this?

I think this was some awkward language that crept in, and was meant to say that odds of received a Crate after a match are doubled during the period. Sorry for the confusion!

Hey all, we're definitely taking the community's feedback on Spike Rush so becoming a permanent game mode is a possibility. However, we haven't made any decisions yet as we're just half-way through Radical Summer and we don't want to rush to any conclusions.

Nice work! Love the color you used for the shield. :D

Rocket League's 4th Birthday

8 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hi everyone! In case you can't see the blog at work...

-Big infographic:

-Small infographic (the one we put on Twitter):

Originally posted by ZNPC

Hey, just googled the issue and came here. Do you think it will be fixed by the time this challenge week is over? It requires you to use a rocket boost you got during this pass, and all I have is slash beams. If it isn’t fixed obviously no big deal, but I was just wondering if it would be soon! Thanks for staying in touch with the community.

If we're able to do another performance pass on the Slash Beam boosts, it would be in a future update.

10 Jul

Originally posted by bloodyNASsassin

They're both unions of states. The U.S. is over twice the size of the E.U. in terms of land. Since the flags are about representing regions, it's a little silly that land masses under 100 thousand square miles are getting 1 flag each and a land mass of 3.7 million square miles gets only 1 flag.

I could see the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada getting flags too.

To my knowledge, the European Union is not officially recognized as a country. We're not trying to decide what is what, instead, we're looking for official statuses.

Originally posted by bloodyNASsassin

Having a U.S. flag is the equivalent of having a European Union flag.

The United States is a country, the European Union is not.

Thanks for posting OP + everyone in the comments. This is something we've been tracking for the last several days, and we're looking into some potential changes that would not require a game update.

Thanks for the tags and suggestions, all!

Originally posted by bloodyNASsassin

Could you do the 50 states too instead of just the U.S.?

We don't plan on adding state flags as that would set a precedent for adding other countries and their states/provinces/districts.

sub saharan servers

9 days ago - /u/dirkened on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by EntityN111

I'm sorry but my sa ping is 325, my oce ping is better Thank you AFRICA IS LONGGGG

Without knowledge of where you reside, I can't make assumptions.

If you're able to run some tests, we could see why you have such a high ping to certain servers.

Me playing Salty Shores...

9 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ktmfinx

Wasn't nighttime Salty Shores meant to be added to competitive this week, /u/Psyonix_Devin?

July 22

When do they post? (GMT +0)
Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it!