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Hey all,

I am sorry about the lack of direct communication on this topic so far.

Earlier today we released a backend PsyNet fix that addressed the "Ghost Credit" exploit which means that any trade using this exploit will fail.

We are still investigating the total impact of this issue, however, at this time it appears that only a small number of players were affected. Still, we are continuing to look into the issue to make sure that we have a full understanding of the scope.

While we investigate, we are also discussing what will be done to help those who were impacted by these trades. We'll have more information to share about what that means tomorrow, but in the meantime, players who fell victim to this exploit are encouraged to reach out to our ...

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Originally posted by blazik

My b, was frustrated as hell but didn’t realize tagging ya was faux pas, won’t Tag y’all for stuff like that movin forward (probably won’t Tag for anything to be honest)

Oh you're good. Usually if there is a bigger issue you need help with you can ping one of us for some help. I'm usually around.



Originally posted by iggyiggz1999

How is this allowed?

It isn't. But the game isn't magical and can't magically solve the issue. Report it using the "Unpsortsmanlike Conduct" report option in the game.

Tagging devs here is NOT the right way to go about this though.

Tagged the whole trio in this one 😂

No worries though OP. It's obviously not allowed. The easiest thing to do is report in-game


Originally posted by yaukari

Cool devs

Yeah we are


OP -- Sorry for the trouble here. A customer care agent should be reaching out again via the ticket you started. This was definitely not handled correctly and we're working on fixing that!

21 Jun


I will never get tired of these 😂

19 Jun

18 Jun


Originally posted by dirkened

Hey guys, we are looking into why the second featured item isn't appearing correctly.

I'll update this thread when the item is fixed.

Update: The issue has been resolved and the item is appearing correctly in the Item Shop.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


Hey guys, we are looking into why the second featured item isn't appearing correctly.

I'll update this thread when the item is fixed.


It's so beautiful

17 Jun


Originally posted by Lucky4Luuk

Also, keeping an eye on task manager, the game keeps using more and more ram, until it hits 16gb (the amount of ram I have) and then crashes my entire pc. Seems pretty bad /u/Psyonix_Devin

Would you mind starting a support ticket with us on this? You can DM me the ticket number after you do, this sounds pretty wild.


Originally posted by milezero313

Did you put in a Psyonix support ticket? I doubt they respond via reddit.

support is the way to go for this. They have more options than I do in terms of granting an item back to an account.


It's not necessarily that one hitbox is better than the other, though you'll see folks mention that they like dominus for its lower profile, it's more about how well a particular hitbox is expressed through a particular car body.