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Originally posted by Gemesil

Sure, by sending it to you you mean DMing it right? I saw you asked another person if they are US or EU, I'm EU.

DMing you now

OP, next time this happens can you snag the log file and send it to me?

Originally posted by ZebraCommander7

While not completely related, I'm going absolutely ham on my home network trying to get Rocket League to be a bit more stable (latency variance in my case). I'm wondering when I should just throw in the towel (but least I was interested in a home network overhaul anyways). At the end of this, every piece of networking driving my PC will be new and I'm hoping the latency variance nonsense will be a thing of the past. If not, I don't know that there's anything else I could have done. I hope to find the answer in all this.

Wired or wireless? There's always a chance that the latency variance is outside of your home network, and could be an ISP issue.

Originally posted by ytzi13

I've gotten it once or twice per session since the last update. u/Psyonix_Devin are you guys aware of the disconnect issues? I've seen it happening on people's streams in the past week or 2 as well. Or any idea what may be causing it on our end?

Next time it happens, can you send me the log file? EDIT: Also, you're US, yeah? Or EU?

22 May

Thanks for the suggestion! Always love the look of basketball, soccer, and half-pipes on top of high-rises. :D

Thanks for posting! We do have some engine-based limitations to deal with, but will pass along to the dev team here.

Originally posted by Zone_boy

Lmao psyonix took the "discord exists" route. They ain't fixing it. Epic isn't going address either because "discord exists".

But yet I still got mute mouth breathers who can't figure out push to talk.

psyonix took the "discord exists" route

IIRC I mentioned Discord as an alternative because cross-platform voice chat isn't currently possible due to platform restrictions.

Wow! This is fantastic, nice work!

21 May

I think this challenge has jumped the shark.

Black Octane

3 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by MadArchie

Yea, while fixing the bug would be great, it would also be amazing if we could get proper black painted bodies too. Because the right picture is edited, it's not how it looks like in-game.

For example, if you look in the esport shop a lot of the decals makes the body look actually black, but when you equip it ends up looking different.

Example would be the Cloud 9 and Renault Vitality octane decal. In the esport shop it makes the octane look black trimmed, but when you're using it makes it look more grey than black.

See image for example. Same video settings both pictures --

And like another user mentioned - implementing a proper black octane would also be a win because it allows people to get certification on their octane, since a lot of users dont want it to be painted.

There's clearly a demand for a proper black painted octa...

Read more

But how do they look in a live game environment? We've definitely seen bugs with how BMDs interact with Painted Car Bodies, but the screenshot you're using may not be showing a bug, rather it's just showing the differences in lighting between the Esports Shop and the Garage/Customization menus.

Just some food for thought, but I'll be digging into this issue either way. :D

Thanks for posting this request! Passing along. :)

Very satisfying air dribble

3 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Ian on Reddit - Thread - Direct


Originally posted by letsNotFap

Some dude on Reddit found something that works 95% of the time: while loading into the match hold the right stick in any direction until your car is fully loaded into the game. It prevents the camera into getting stuck in this weird limbo. It works for me almost every time.

I wonder what is causing this bug, because it's not affecting everyone. /u/Psyonix_Devin any chance for a patch?

Hoping to address this in our next update, thank you!

Black Octane

4 days ago - /u/Psyonix_Devin on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks for the post! The trim on a Black-Painted Octane is affected by Decal choice, so it tends to lighten a bit when an active/moving Decal is applied. I think this is a bug on our backlog that we need to address.

20 May

Originally posted by RMZ-Lewis

Yup same for me. I've disliked the map, but I still get it pretty regularly in ranked, which is really annoying since a lot of the time I can't see the ball :P

Thanks for the tag! /u/Lex023 and Lewis: Have you had a chance to try and troubleshooting, like verifying games files in Steam, etc?

Fantastic! So glad the game fills some hours of fun for you guys.

Thank you for your service!

17 May

Originally posted by DeweyFinn_

Yo what is this from? I swear I just saw whatever this is and its driving me crazy 😂

It's paraphrasing a line from the original Reeves Superman film.

Soon, the son will become the father, and the father will become the son.

Whether you're the first or not, I welcome all hamster wheel concept art <3

16 May

Are you two in a party or playing splitscreen?

Originally posted by Rydro

Can we have community crate? We let the community to design the items and people vote for the items that get to be included in that crate? Would be a great addition for the RL anniversary. It will also keep the artists in this community to be more engaging.

Thanks for the suggestion!

15 May

Originally posted by ryangoldfish5

I'm so pleased that you call yourself your hamster's father. I do that with my pets.

I'm not really into saying that I'm its owner. I don't care if others say that but I just like to make it seem like it's part of the family :)

Originally posted by hamandqueso77

So what do you guys use the most over there? Maya?

3ds Max

Originally posted by eight_squared

Are you guys considering using some of the designs from this subreddit?

Not considering anything right now, but we love seeing the creativity and passion on display here.

That was fast! Love it haha.

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