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Hi all,

Welcome to another instalment of Feedback Friday!

The r/RocketLeague moderator team has teamed up with Psyonix to gather valuable feedback from the community, you can expect to see these posts every other Friday!

This week, we’d like to get your thoughts and opinions on the GARAGE!

The Garage is where you customize your car, create and name your presets, manage your inventory, trade in items and check out your blueprints.

We know this area houses many of the elements key to your path to SSL within Rocket League, as without the option to rock your cleanest preset, your gameplay would be sure to suffer. And those of you that truly love to test your luck trading up to the coveted white Octane, will have most likely had your fair share of heartbreaks here!

We want to hear your honest thoughts about what could be changed/added to this vital section of the game so don’t hesitate to drop your ideas below!

Please specify what platform you’re on, and what controls you use, such as Mouse & Keyboard or controller. Try to share constructive feedback only, explain specifically what you like or dislike about the garage, what could be done better, and what you would want to see in the future.


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Originally posted by topdog864

Having a grid of cars so you can better select.

A search function to filter by preset name.

The ability to access party chat while customizing the car.

You specifically mean for browsing your presets, correct?

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