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I always see psyonix always get flack for things like servers/matchmaking and all that but I just think they need to be cut some slack.

About 5 months back my old PS account got hacked and I had just switched to pc and tried to get my items across to my pc but it didn’t work so I had to sort out everything with my PS4 change the password get it back and went to open rocket league and all my items were gone I contacted psyonix not expecting much as it was entirely my fault but today I opened up rocket league and they’ve given me every single item that the person who hacked my PSN decided to trade out of my account.

I just thought I’d share this as it was entirely my problem as I didn’t have the proper security on my account but psyonix listened and worked to get my items back to me and I’m very very thankful to the hard workers at psyonix! Thanks!

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I'm really glad to hear this worked out. I always encourage folks in this type of situation, where your account has been compromised and you've lost items, to contact the support team so they can try to help you out.