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Now I'm sure that Psyonix has started making Season 6, but maybe this theme can come on a different season. **A cave theme!**
The new map could be underground, and the season rewards could be a type of boost. A type of mineral textured boost with the colours of the ranks (bronze for Bronze, silver for Silver, gold for Gold, platinum for Platinum, amethyst for Champion, ruby for Grand Champion, and quartz for Supersonic Legend).
We could also maybe make 1v1 tournaments and LTM tournaments such as Heat Seeker, Spike Rush, Beachball, and maybe even Volleyball! Again, this is just an idea.
Any thoughts on how it could turn out? Maybe the Rocket Pass goal explosion could be a huge boulder that falls from the sky
!Due to the fact that so much could be underground, we could have so many new fabulous items.
Psyonix, how do YOU like the idea. Could you possibly make it reality? Maybe we could also make an OCEAN THEME. I hope that one of these 2 ideas could happen 😅

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We've seen 'Nature' themes suggested previously. I think your cave idea could fit into that pretty easily! I love the different texture ideas!