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Hi all,

Welcome to another instalment of Feedback Friday!

The r/RocketLeague moderator team has teamed up with Psyonix to gather valuable feedback from the community, and we’ll be doing these threads every other Friday.

This week, we’d like to get your thoughts and opinions on Inventory Management!
The way that we manage our inventory in Rocket League has been adapted a few times since its inception. We have different item types, multiple rarities of items, paint colours and certifications and we are able to filter on many of these categories within the Rocket League inventory too!

Manage inventory screen

Tabs + Filters

Your items can be managed from both within the main Inventory Management screen as well as in the car customization screen.

Let us know your thoughts on Inventory Management in Rocket League by commenting in this thread and please remember to keep your comments on topic.

Try to share constructive feedback only, explain specifically what you like or dislike about Inventory Management, what could be done better, and what you would want to see in the future.


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about 1 year ago - /u/halcylon - Direct link

about 1 year ago - /u/halcylon - Direct link

It'd be incredibly helpful if on your reply somewhere you label if you use a controller or mouse/keyboard while using this system :)

That would give us some context!

about 1 year ago - /u/halcylon - Direct link

Thank you all for the replies! We love hearing this feedback. Never feel like you can post or reply to these things.

Just because we don't use your idea doesn't mean we haven't read it or thought about it. :) You all give us more help than you know!

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