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Is there any possible way rocket league developers will remove the censorship of my username?

For context, I started playing under the name "sdlxm" in early 2021. I have not had to change my username until about two weeks ago, when bots in lobbies were becoming a serious problem. I understand why the name had to be censored (for anyone wondering it's due to the three letters in the middle being deemed inappropriate) I understand that this is a totally legitimate reason to censor this word as it probably goes against the guidelines. However, I had no ill intent whilst making this my username and did not realize this would be a problem over two years later. I made "sdlxm" my username because my cousin (who's name I will not say for privacy reasons) had recently passed away. He had previously used the name "sdlxm" in a slitherio video on his personal YouTube channel... years before I decided to use the name.

I hope my question will be fairly considered



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Hello, we see you!

Besides our sweet subreddit here, we have great resources for more immediate/direct support via our Rocket League Help page and this Support Request submission page.

We made note of the concern you shared above, but if you have any future issues, feel free to reach out to our support team through those links!

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