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I'm unsure if this will stay this way or be fixed.

Everywhere that Psyonix has discussed the Nexus's hitbox, they've described it as a Plank (i.e. the Batmobile hitbox), including on their official support page listing car hitboxes.

However, the Nexus is currently using the Breakout hitbox.

I first noticed this through BakkesMod's hitbox plugin reporting it as a Breakout, but as a simple test (that anyone can perform), I put together this training pack here: 2A37-7CEC-5480-7E49

Load up the training pack with either a Breakout or Plank car. Wait for the car to settle before pressing any buttons. Press left or right to wiggle the car's wheels without moving, which will start the ball rolling. Plank hitboxes, being wider, are consistently hit by the ball. Breakout hitboxes, being thinner, are not.

Nexus is not hit by the ball when performing the above test, showing it's a breakout.

For simplicity, here's a gif demonstrating the above: https://gfycat.com/glaringgleefulbeauceron

TL;DR: Nexus is a Breakout, despite Psyonix's material saying it's a Plank. No idea if they will fix this or keep it as is.

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Hello all, I want to confirm this is correct. Nexus is using and will continue to use the Breakout hitbox. We are correcting the error in the patch notes and elsewhere, and we want to apologize for the confusion.

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