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Last few days i couldn't sleep well because of mechanics grinding

Lately whenever i try to sleep or when i wake up earlier than expected, i just keep imagining my car air dribbling the ball, with my eyes closed in my bed trying to sleep/get back to sleep

i don't even play the game past 10, a whole 2 hours before i usually go to bed, because i'm a bit old (33) and i'm well aware of the effects of trying to sleep right after closing a game, it just doesn't work

i've been steadly climbing C2, been on the verge of C3 once after winning in div4 but got back down to div 2/3, i do see the mechs i grind in free play helping my gameplay

the worst part is that it feels good to imagine me air dribbling the ball, air roll has started to click on my mind since the beggining of last season and is something i think everyone wants to be able to do, after 1100 hours it feels good to finally get the ball to do what you want

so, in conclusion, does anybody else has had this issue? do i just quit the game for a week or so to get air rolling out of my mind and get proper sleep? today is the 3rd day i don't touch the game

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about 1 year ago - /u/Psyonix_Sofia - Direct link

This happens to me all the time with tons of games, but I remember it happening to me during the first week I started playing Rocket League. I think I started consuming other media or reading before bed and it helped!