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I can't find any of the items from the Portal series (i.e. the gels) despite having had owned them for a long time (I have cross-progression on (based off of my Playstation file or whatever (which had/has the gels), but I doubt it's that and also don't know what I'm talking about (haven't really played in like a year or two oh god it's 2023).

I've checked fo see if it's archived in both the garage and inventory, tried switching bodies from the Lime Green Mudcat GXT I use to the default Octane, etc. but none of it has worked.

Did something happen with copyright? Do they just not exist on the Nintendo Switch? Is it something with the cross-progression that I would have an aneurysm trying to understand?

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Hey there! Have you submitted a support ticket about this?

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Originally posted by ImaginaryNeon

No, partially because I didn't know that was a thing.

Could you please submit a support ticket here so we can help you out with that?