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0s under the hood is back I'm Devin Connors
3s and today I'm sitting down with some of
5s the audio team to chat about how we make
7s cars in rocket League sound incredible
9s season 10 is underway so what better car
11s to focus on than one of the hottest
13s hatches of all time the Volkswagen Golf
16s 2 GTI I have Mike and Carson here with
19s me to talk us through the process start
20s to finish I'm recording out in the field
22s to the final engine audio you hear in
24s game thanks for hanging out with me
26s today guys yeah of course happy to be
28s here yeah so how has engine audio
30s development changed for us over the last
32s seven plus years so when the game first
34s came out we uh we used a physics-based
37s system that was only using the physics
39s of the cars and was not really emulating
41s what a car engine would do so over time
44s we rebuilt the system modeling gear
47s ratios to actually try to make the
49s engine sound much more real so when
51s we're designing engine audio for car
53s like the Volkswagen GTI uh what's our
56s approach to that like well for something
58s like the GTI and we were able to find
60s lines luckily for us a really great
63s sounding version of that car and we were
65s able to go out and record it you know
67s Carson I would love to see footage of us
69s recording that engine audio
71s luckily for you
75s oh hey did
81s a process of recording for corner and
83s how we implement it in the game
85s the first GTI that we have here is
87s essentially stock it's had a little bit
90s of modifications done to it and then the
92s next version we're going to record is a
94s fully upgraded version of this card
96s that's basically been straight piped and
98s turned into a race car so you'll
100s definitely notice
102s um sort of a quote-unquote sound upgrade
104s and this is really helpful for us when
105s we're going into the game we have a tier
108s one and a tier two of this car the tier
111s one which sounds a lot closer to you how
113s you would expect the car and then a tier
115s two which is a full out race car and
117s that feels really good in game a lot of
119s these microphones are selected obviously
121s a for the way they sound but B also for
123s their sound pressure level handling
125s capabilities if they're if they can't
127s handle the sound pressure but for the
128s most part these mics can handle really
130s really loud cars we have mics on the
133s intake on the engine we're running mics
136s in a bunch of different perspectives for
138s the exhaust we have close mic we have
140s mid mics we have one that's way back
142s then we have an ambisonic mic that's
144s actually in the interior interior of the
146s car and then we'll go through and Sample
148s difference
150s RPM Loops if you were making a musical
152s instrument sample set it would be the
154s equivalent of telling a trumpet player
156s all right hold middle C as loud as you
158s can for five seconds and then all right
160s now drop it down to B flat and hold that
162s for five seconds but instead of you know
164s doing musical notes we're doing RPM
166s intervals with the car
170s [Music]
186s good
188s 25.
203s that is a wrap my friends back to you in
206s the studio
211s so once we're back in the studio we are
213s able to open up the session get
215s everything synced up and then start
218s mixing it and kind of doing the any
220s processing we want and any compression
223s and Distortion to try to make it sound
225s more fun in the case of the tier two
229s um so here is one of those ramps
233s um
235s fairly long but uh which is really
238s helpful when we get to the granular part
240s of this
243s [Music]
246s and then once we're done implementing it
248s we can test it in the game see how it
250s feels possibly go back through the
252s process and change anything that needs
254s to be tweaked to make it feel more alive
256s and like a better car
258s and then at that point ship it release
261s it play it in the game
264s that's good
267s [Music]
269s yeah it was really cool watching that
271s entire process out in the field as Audio
273s Pros what are your goals when you're
276s designing audio for a game like rocket
278s league so rocket league is an
280s interesting balance between a
281s competitive game and also a fun casual
284s game and so finding that balance and
286s finding what is fatiguing when someone's
288s gonna put in eight hours plus a day or
291s they're gonna spend 20 minutes playing
293s they both need to have a great
295s experience well there's a lot to account
296s for right I mean you have the crowd
298s audio you have the car audio you have
301s the ball audio which is really important
302s yeah there's a lot of audio cues
304s happening sort of simultaneously during
305s a match for us we sort of approach it as
308s using audio for player feedback and then
312s also it's just got to be entertaining we
313s want to sound good we want to sound fun
315s so it's a mixture of you know
316s entertainment and feedback and we just
319s want to give the player sort of the best
321s experience we can and the most
323s entertaining experience we can thanks
325s Carson and Mike for taking us on that
327s Epic Audio Odyssey we can't wait to hear
329s your thoughts on the Volkswagen GTI so
331s be sure to share your feedback with us
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339s you enjoy season 10. foreign