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  1. The TW Octane is buggy with ALL the new decals (decals from rocket passes, decals of eSports teams, decals of collabs and events etc.). Watch the video. That is not white, it's kind of light gray, and that hurts, especially if we think that the TW Octane is one of the rarest and most loved items in the game. I think that you should fix that asap.
  2. What's the point of having ALL the cars of the Fast and Furious franchise called with the sentence "Fast and Furious + name of the car" and then there is the Ice Charger that is called... only Ice Charger. Poor baby what did it do to yall? xD Jokes apart, even in the shop it is called "Fast and Furious Dodge Ice Charger" so i think that it should be called in that way. Change its name and go!
  3. Pyrrhos: Inverted are referred in the game using only "Pyrrhos". I think that should be fixed to differentiate them from the normal Pyrrhos wheels. So i recommend to put the complete name.





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Are you using Bakkesmod by any chance?