Hiya! Full details on our Fit Check even can be found on our blog HERE and discussion pertaining to the fun can be found in the comment section of this Reddit post :D

Originally posted by Onnispotente

Hi Alohi, may I ask you how the submission works? I read that there can be only one submission per player but does it mean in general or per platform? If I put my submission on discord can I put the same submission on Twitter and Instagram?

Hello there! While you are more than welcome to share photos of your sick fit on all platforms, it will be counted as one submission. That said, if you submit your fit on Discord, and then share it again on Twitter using the contest hashtag, it will count as one submission.

I should also note- if you happen to have more than one fit you want to submit, Fit Check is split into three waves...so bear in mind that we will only be accepting one fit per player per wave.

Originally posted by Onnispotente

You explained it perfectly my man thank you, I submitted my first one on discord, I already have others ready for the next waves

Just another thing, every item in game is valid for the contest right? It’s not just stuff from this season rocket pass

Yup! As long as it is in-game, you are in the green :D