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Hi all,

Welcome to another instalment of Feedback Friday!

The r/RocketLeague moderator team has teamed up with Psyonix to gather valuable feedback from the community, and we’ll be doing these threads every other Friday.

This week, we’d like to get your thoughts and opinions on Cars you’d like to see in Rocket League!

This is probably the most important competitive decision in your entire Rocket League career… What car will you drive? We’ve seen many suggestions in this subreddit before, so bring those ideas here!


Initial D

These rocket powered Battle-Cars are the most impactful cosmetic aspect in the game, so choose wisely. Flat, chonky, sport, fantasy, retro…we want to hear it!

Let us know your thoughts on what cars you’d like to see in Rocket League by commenting in this thread and please remember to keep your comments on topic.

Try to share constructive feedback only, explain specifically what you like or dislike about the cars you’d like to see in Rocket League, what could be done better, and what you would want to see in the future.


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Originally posted by DAT_DROP


Any particular car come to mind?

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Originally posted by Depressed_Nutt

Cars. I feel itd not only be more popular, but also just would better fit the game

Do you mean like from the Disney movie?

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