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Just played a solo-queue 2s tournament (yeah I know I hate myself too) - I've never gotten past round 1 or 2. Just did it for the sesh as I was winding down for the evening.

Got paired with a guy. Both pretty even. Didn't play perfectly obvs (tentative diamond player). We double-committed a few times (coz solo queue) but we made it fairly comfortably to finals.

Unfortunately, we lost but I had a great time. It was a nice grind and I was pretty happy with my performance all round.

I go to message my teammate to just say thanks for the game and I suddenly get this series of messages telling me how bad I am. "I set up so many shots for you and you were in goals the whole time" etc. I went "righteo", he said a few more crappy things and then left the party.

I dunno why I'm posting this. Just feeling that mood where you had a good night and it just gets ruined by your teammate. Abuse from internet people don't usually get to me, but seeing as I sat through like, 7 consecutive winning games with this guy, it stung a bit.

Share your worst stranger/solo-queue moments and we can all wallow in this melancholy catharsis together.

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Sorry to hear about this, it never feels good getting messages from a tilted teammate, especially after a bunch of wins together. It's tough not to take personally, but in cases like this, it's definitely more about them than you. I hope you find that tournament dub soon!

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