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I have been playing Rocket League on Switch since the end of 2020, and started playing on my laptop around the end of 2021. The account that I play RL on is separate and is only used to play RL, so I constantly change accounts. A couple of days back I thought it would be smart to unlink my Nintendo account from Epic and link it to my main account where I have all of my other games. After linking it, when I tried to open Rocket League none of my progress was there. I searched it up and learned what a Primary Platforms was and I switched it to Nintendo, but the progress still didn't show up. I thought no problem let me just link my old account and everything will go back, but after linking it back to the old account only some things like my inventory, and stats came back. Other things like my xp, levels, and avatar stuff still shows up empty with only the default items. I don't know what to do next, and hope there's a way to solve it.

Thanks in advance.

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2 months ago - /u/Psyonix_Sofia - Direct link

Hi there! Have you submitted a support ticket for this issue?

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