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My dad has cancer. He probably only has about a week left to live.

He's always been a he-man. Rarely played games, though once in a blue moon he'd play a racing game or Civilization. He preferred to get out and do things. Found out he had stage four cancer last year and the chemo really kicked him down. Didn't have the energy to do the things he lived.

I never really played Rocket League. Maybe once or twice with friends. I had it in my Steam library and suddenly remembered it. He loves soccer (coached us all as kids, and watches all the world cup games). On a whim I showed it to him. He loved it. I left a laptop at his house connected to my steam account, and I myself couldn't play anything all evening cuz he was logged in and playing for hours on my account (steam only lets one live game per account at a time. It's ok, I cleaned my house and stuff. Thanks, Pops.

I got him some money to dress up his car. He was pretty picky about it. My brothers and I learned and got a couple controllers so we can all play together. For the last month we'd go by and play with him whenever we could. We have some great memories of us playing together now. Laughing and yelling and having fun.

It hurts guys. More than words can describe. If you have family, in town, in person, or afar, call them, go to them, tell them you love them. We have so little time.

Thank you Rocket League for helping me to connect with my dad in one final way.

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Thank you for sharing this. We love you.

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Thank you so much for sharing this, we wish you and your family nothing but the best <3

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