Hello everyone! Happy New Year, and we hope you all had a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season.

The subreddit has seen some amazing growth over the last year! More than 260,000 subs have joined the ranks to post their siiickest goals and memes since the beginning of 2020, and over 130,000 of you subscribed after our transition to free to play in September. With so many new players and fresh faces joining us on the sub, we thought a refresher on Rocket League help and support would benefit both new and experienced players alike.

  • The best place to go for official Rocket League support is our Customer Care website: https://support.rocketleague.com/. From here, you can log in using your platform’s authentication service, start a ticket, and get help with in-game issues, report bugs, and more! You can also search and browse our extensive knowledge base, which has tons of articles covering basic troubleshooting and F.A.Q.
  • If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you can mention or DM @RL_Support on Twitter, or go to our Facebook page and send us a message. From there, our team can answer questions and troubleshoot, or guide you on starting a ticket if more details are needed.
  • The Rocket League subreddit Moderators are some of the best on the site, but please remember that they are not here for Rocket League game support. The same goes for our Steam moderators, as well as our Admins, Mods, and Helpers in the Rocket League Discord.

Remember, Psyonix will never ask you for your password for any reason, period. Not for support, and definitely not for winning a contest or giveaway. If anyone claiming to be with Psyonix or Epic Games asks you for any of your passwords, block them immediately and report it to us using one of the above support methods. If you ever do receive an email from Psyonix, it will come from a Psyonix or Epic Games domain email address -- never Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or otherwise. (And speaking of passwords, please make sure you have 2FA enabled on all of your platform accounts!)

And finally, don’t forget the golden rule: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Got a random Discord DM saying you won a contest, but you need to log into your account at a weird-looking link to claim your prize? Did definitelypysonixsupp0rt @ gmail.com send you an email offering free items? Block them, delete the conversation, and walk away -- no Titanium White Octane is worth the risk.

Thank you, everyone! Stay safe, and stay smart.

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