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I was just playing the 6:00PM EST tournament with two of my friends. We made it to Semi-Finals, won the first game, lost the second, and won the third game and the match. Instead of advancing to Finals, we got put back into "Semi-Finals" with the opponents we just beat, on Urban Central. The other team, also on PC, was like "uuhhhhh wtf". So we played on Urban Central for 1 minute until the "match concluded". ROCKET LEAGUE THEN PUT US INTO ANOTHER GAME with the same people we just beat, but this time on Mannfield. We played that for approximately 6 seconds before "match concluded", and the SLOOTYBOYS (yours truly) were eliminated.

First Semi-Finals my team has won since we started tournament play two weeks ago and this happens. Extremely discouraging. I know it's just a game but still, we really want that title. I included a screencap of the team that advanced to Finals for LOSING Semi-Finals:


Has this happened to anyone else? =/

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Just finished a tournament. We won the first two games in the finals, got the trophy screen and everything. Then got put back into a game against the same team, they won and RL said that it was game 2. Went into game 3 (actually 4) tied 1-1 and lost. Got robbed of my first tourney win. Feels great.

Was getting "couldn't download xp data" after a couple of the matches as well.

Hey, which platform are you playing on? If you're on PC, it would be great if you could DM me your logs so I can investigate what happened.

Logs can be found in this directory: C:\users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\RocketLeague\TAGame\Logs\