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A lot of you guys already realized that. Every time they come with some update, it comes with one (or more) bugs they don't know how to fix, and to prevent that, they avoid to update the game every time. So, they always make a compilation of bugs, and try to solve the highest as possible in one go, one update that also come with more bugs, making this stupid vicious cycle. That's why things remain broken for so long, because they are afraid of updating their own game.

Maybe it's time for someone or some group to be fired ?

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Hey there! I'm hopeful I can clear up what i'm guessing is a misconception about how we develop Rogue Company. Updates do come with bugs (an unfortunate side effect of software development) and yes we do prioritize them, but we don't necessarily hold anything unless we have to.

When a bug is confirmed and a fix worked out, we determine if it can be fixed with a simple restart or requires a client patch. Something like say fixing a typo in a description is simple and can be fixed quickly. Something like an animation bug with a weapon is a bit more complicated and requires a full patch which means it all goes through approvals with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Those do take a bit of effort and require time so we have to lump our larger fixes together.

This particular update we've hotfixed 4 times if I recall since the update fixing issues as quickly as humanly possible so we certainly aren't afraid to update the game. Hopefully this provides some insight into what goes on and we thank you for your feedback.