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We're still very heavily into Beta and the team right now is focusing on new Rogues, New maps, better UI and other features we think should be a high priority. Of course we want holiday themed stuff (we love it too!) and you'll see it in the future, but right now we have to push hard on what you folks are clamoring for.


We're currently resolving an issue that is impacting some folks ability to purchase Rogues like this. We really appreciate your patience! It isn't just you and it doesn't impact your Reputation value at all.

27 Oct


We love ya! Thanks for being rockstars.


Reddit, on behalf of the entire team we wanted to take a second to congratulate all of you on hitting your 50k member milestone! It seems like only yesterday we were dreaming of the day the NDA dropped and we could start posting here. Now in true Reddit form there is almost too much for us to read in one day!

I can tell you with absolute certainty that without your feedback, bug reports, and top tier memes (because that's why we are all here right?) we would not have nearly the insight into the community we do. While many of them may not post I can assure the development team is here every single day reading.

In celebration of this event, I'm working with the mods this week for some giveaways so keep an eye out for more information soon!

You guys are awesome!

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This is a bug! We hope to have it fixed soon.


Originally posted by myrisotto73

Why isn't this stuff pinned? This might be controversial but the mods don't seem to be doing a good job. The sub doesn't even have a logo. Patch notes and communications aren't pinned ect.

There are a couple of brand new mods who recently joined the subreddit who have already done an incredibly job keeping the thread feed clear. For this particular information in particular, in fairness to them I didn't let them know the video was coming. I'll do a bit better on that and let them know announcements are happening.

26 Oct


Originally posted by Omxn

Hurry up and disable crossplay, I'm sick of playing with Switch kids on PC

Unless someone on your team is partied up with a console player this is not happening. You should see this incredibly rarely but if there is a match in particular you'd like me to look at please feel free to drop your in game name.


Originally posted by enjoyalienation

I came here hoping to see this on their list and I'm sad that this and the SMG teleporting bug aren't high priorities. I'm sure they'll be fixed with time though.

Both of these are also being worked on. What platform do you play on?


Hey there Reddit Rogues, I wanted to take a quick second to thank all of you for your feedback and reports this weekend. While there are of course other bugs/additions the team is working on I wanted to call out a few I've seen quite a few of this weekend to hopefully provide clarification and acknowledgement.

  • Rogues are Locked - Some of you have reported seeing your Rogues locked on the selection screen. Know that your unlocked content isn't impacted, this is an issue affecting your client. The team is currently tracking down the cause of this and resolving it.
  • Errors when Purchasing - A few of you have reported trying to make a purchase and despite having the required currency, receiving an error message you don't. We have a pretty good lead on this one and hope to have it resolved soon.
  • Reputation/Rogue Bucks not Showing - Similar to the first issue, none of your Reputation or Rogue Bucks...
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