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Zero. Tolerance.


This clip made my day. Thanks 🙏

You are the real MVP.

When I hear the shield break I can’t help but picture Stone Cold Steve Austin’s intro music. It makes me happy every.

Hey there! Could you DM me your in game name so I could look at this?

Originally posted by Department-Curious

You could also Argue that it’s hard to actually see how effective you are being. Your hack might of saved your team and you really don’t even know it

I dunno, I feel like every time I get tagged with his Semtex I know exactly how effective he's being. I'll get you next time time.

We appreciate you guys reporting this, we're looking into it as a bug.

Originally posted by DentonTrueYoung

Hi Rez website advertises the game as a shooter with “crossplay AND cross-progression” across console and PC. Also I believe it’s going to be free to play so you wouldn’t need to buy it. Might have to right now though. And are you sure there’s no gyro? Somebody said there was on here before

Right now you'll just need a Beta key for the platform you are interested in. Once we hit Open Beta you should be able to download it from your platform of choice.

Originally posted by Zombirk

Does the ingame shop work?

That feature is coming soon!

To answer the OP these are limited offerings for the Closed Beta but unfortunately upgrade options are not available at this time.

More customization is coming and very soon! What we have now available in the Founder's Packs are just a sample of what the team plans to make available in the near future.

You are the champion the people deserve!

Originally posted by Thecharliemister

What about quitters on PS4 that goes as far as closing the application?

in the Vice update they'll get a deserter penalty.

Vy’s passive saved you!

04 Aug

Hey there, sometimes purchases can be slightly delayed. Please ensure your account link has your xbox set as your primary and if you still don't see your items please fill out a support ticket for further assistance:

Originally posted by dNStreetMW

Yes sounds awesome! This is needed

We're targeting this for Phase 2. It's an important change for folks playing with controllers and we want to make sure those options are available.

Originally posted by selujmon

A lot of people responding with information completely unrelated to what was asked for. Unfortunate.

I personally think any type of capture zone that is essentially indoors, can be really tricky. It’s like a boxing ring except we have guns and grenades. 2 ways in, 2 ways out, very much a hold-the-interior scenario. I think removing it could be the move, as even with spawn/timer changes, the above facts would still remain. Cheers!

A lot of people responding with information completely unrelated to what was asked for. Unfortunate.

Don't worry about that! That's what I'm here for!

Appreciate the feedback on this guys, the team has been discussing this today and feedback has been helpful determining how this change will impact Canals play.

We appreciate you reporting this! It's a known issue the team plans to resolve in a future update.

Originally posted by PixelArtMark

Too bad they didn’t implement leaver punishment before beta. Like that isn’t common sense.

Edit: because some people don’t get that these devs made smite and should know better, leaver punishment could’ve and should’ve been a day one thing telling me it’s phase one doesn’t correct their mistake it makes you a broken record.

It's literally in the next update so shouldn't be a problem soon!

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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