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They are still in your inventory, you just can't see them unfortunately. We have a fix going in as soon as physically possible (prior to the next update).


We actually never sold codes, what typically happened is people grabbed up beta codes and either tried to sell them as Founders Pack codes (some people are the worst). I really hope you bought them from a reputable site and can get your money back.


Thanks for sharing your experience on this. If you do not successfully rejoin your game, you will be given a Deserter penalty although it should be a fairly short one unless you do it often. It sounds like the penalty was not awarded before you tried to queue for another game however, which is not how the system was intended.

This is an important topic for the team right now and we are having some regular conversations around how to improve the overall experience. Hopefully we'll have more to share in the near future but there are some changes we'd like to make.

19 Jan

18 Jan


Originally posted by Voelker98

[Bug] Hello, I have a problem with one ingame-reward, I'm playing the PS4 version. It is in the German version called "Gute Gesellschaft". For this trophy I have to win with 8 agents 8 times, I did this allready with 9 agents 9 times but I didn't get this trophy. My friend has the same problem, it would be nice if you could fix this :)

This is the "Good Company" award bug that the team is investigating. Appreciate your patience while we do!


Originally posted by ElioElioo

Suggestion: Is it possible to make the teleport bug high/top priority? Probably the most game breaking bug considering it often determines whether you live or die. Dahlia is nigh unplayable with Objection, and it feels like it got worse this patch imo, or I'm just noticing it more.

This is a pretty high priority bug for us to address right now. The behavior is not really consistent (it doesn't happen all the time) but more than enough we know it is a serious issue for many of you. The team is working on a fix to roll out as soon as possible.

Which platform are you on?


Glad you are enjoying Dahlia! What would you say put you over the top about getting her?

17 Jan


This is unfortunately your match loading into a very bad state. I really appreciate you reporting this.

16 Jan


Originally posted by Hicketts

Any skin ~ when you go to your rogues, and click on a custom skin and then equip it ~ then go to your wing suit and click X ~ it says ‘ apply to all rogues ‘ and then the skin you chose applies to all rogues, so if I want to be scorch but look like phantom, then I equip a phantom skin as my wing suit and my character in game will look like phantom even though I’ve chosen scorch. PSA: This only works if you don’t have any wingsuit in your inventory, and once you equip it, there’s no way to take it off. I can take a video and send it to you

We have folks on this. Really appreciate the details!

Also what platform do you play on?


Originally posted by Hicketts

There is a glitch which allows you to equip a player skin as your wing suit, thus making it applicable to any character that you use, please fix this bug

Could you please elaborate? Which skin?

15 Jan


Originally posted by wipeAwayThoseTears

What I wonder, is it everyone that has already reached rank 20 or if you reach rank 20 by next update you receive the badge?

Anyone at Rank 20 by the next update will receive the reward.

When do they post?

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