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We are actually still looking into this. No changes should have been made with EAC that impacted it's ability to run on Steam Deck to my knowledge.


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Originally posted by KING-O-SAURUSREX

You’re going to have to give me another way to contact Hi-Rez. Radar hasn’t sent a single message in the discord since October of last year. And his discord settings make it so that only friends can send DMs. So I can’t communicate with him at all.

You could also just drop me a DM here and I'll be happy to take any feedback around this.

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Originally posted by DarkAndSparkly

This is what! The third or fourth widely popular employee to leave in recent months? It’s concerning. Happy employees are the key to a great company.

While there have certainly been changes here, our commitment to Rogue Company still remains. Hats is a veteran of the team who I recall working with regularly during Alpha. While not super vocal in the past, he knows the game inside and out, and he knows what the community has been saying. Incredible amounts of passion and I'm personally really excited to see where things go this year.

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Our apologies, this has been resolved now! Thanks for the callout!

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