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• First, foremost and most concerning, this community loves RoCo more than the devs do. It’s becoming obnoxiously apparent.

• There has been ZERO communication from the devs aside from the little stream thing they did with GBV, BradUK and others last Friday. Even then, their answers were vague. With “full release”, you’d think they’d be on top of everything. With the crazy amount of issues that this last update brought, we should feel heard, but we don’t.

• Forced crossplay has caused nothing but issues for everyone aside from the PC players. After implementing the forced crossplay, they have also minimized aim assist (or it’s still bugged.. Like it has been for months). As if M&K needs any help? LOL. You literally point… And click. They’re catering to PC players when AT LEAST 75% of their player base is on console. (I have a PS5 and PC, main PS5 tho). The game just feels better with a controller as opposed to a game like Rainbow Six Siege which I’d never touch with a controller.

• Matchmaking is absolute garbage. Like.. The worst matchmaking I’ve ever experienced in any game, ever. While I may not be the best of the best, I’m a very consistent, solid player. Average about 6k+ damage per game. Consistent 25+ downs a game. Typically a high Diamond player in ranked. There’s no way in hell I should be placed on a team with people that don’t even know how to roll, shoulder swap, take cover, etc… It’s pathetic and infuriating.

• The performance, servers and hit detection have obviously taken a dip down with this update as well. Prior to the update, I would very seldom have lag spikes. Now? It’s rare that I’m in a match that doesn’t lag. Also, what’s up with these ghost bullets? Feels pretty rough when you’re peppering someone in the face with bullets and you’re not getting any damage numbers.

• Bugs… Need I say more? This update has been out for 6 days now and it brought new bugs while maintaining old ones. Not a single thing has been patched. I know there’s supposedly an update today but… Wtf is a 700mb patch gonna do? And you’re telling me it took 6 days to work up a 700mb patch?? RoCo is being neglected, it’s as simple as that.

• I love this game. I want this game to succeed. I want this game to grow and flourish. It simply will not do that though with the treatment it’s receiving right now. The devs are one of three things… Incompetent. Clueless. Or they simply just do not care.

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Issues were resolved? Not a thing has been done since last Wednesday. We’ll see what this big 700mb patch does though. Lol… And I don’t really consider one post saying, “Oops, we accidentally turned on forced crossplay” as being super active. People are obviously passionate about this game, so I’d think it wise to inform people about what’s being worked on, what’s being changed, what’s being reverted, etc. We’ve been left in the dark with shit matchmaking and an abundance of performance issues.

It hasn’t really effected me either, as far as my personal gameplay is concerned. I have no problem with playing against M&K but the majority of the community evidently does. And it’s made the matchmaking way worse.

I obviously don’t speak for everyone, friend. But I am speaking for the silent majority. Nothing about this update has been acceptable and I had very low expectations going into it.

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns with us, we genuinely do appreciate it. The team has been actively watching Reddit since last week and working on issues. I've been hitting random threads but it's Reddit, very easy to miss.

This morning's update should fix a nasty bug with the Ibex and a more minor fix of listing the Apex map in Wingman Customs.

We did see some significant concerns around queue time and our engineers took a lengthy look. While there may still be a lengthy queue times due to an issue or depending on when you queue, this should no longer be affecting people in general.

In terms of bug fixing it sounds like you may have missed our patch notes, which had a list of 19 fixes with the update and have made a half dozen more since Wednesday. There are certainly more that need addressing but they are certainly being worked on.

With crossplay and matchmaking we are very actively watching feedback on this and measuring data from this weekend. In general we believe it has improved queue times significantly, but we of course want to take into account quality as well.

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Originally posted by coo_snake

Where is the best place for the most up to date patch notes, including minor patches and hot fixes? Had to go on a third party website to find 2.05 patch notes that didn't seem to appear on the website.

The main update notes for this can be found here: https://www.roguecompany.com/news/operation-daybreak-update-notes

The hotfix notes from today we'll grab a roundup and get a post up on Reddit. I think the team has been trying to fix them as quickly as humanly possible and with 7 different platforms we want to do our best to not confuse anyone on what is fixed on each individual platform.

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Originally posted by Exendin

Radar, the community managers such as yourself are very selective on what posts they reply to, the same can be seen on twitter.

When are HiRez going to address the absolutely broken matchmaking system.

Its never been fit for purpose and has been tweaked to be progressively worse over the past 12 months.

High level players do not want Nintendo switch, xbox one, or PS4 fills added to their team to "balance" out the matchmaking.

Low level players do not want added to a match where they offer no support to the team as they are still learning the ropes of the game.

Hello! We are selective mostly because there are so many hours in the day and so much we can effectively communicate. As I stated in the previous post, we are currently assessing data around crossplay and matchmaker to determine it's effectiveness based on changes from the update. There is a tricky balance to be found between queue times (data from our games and others show most players do no want 5-10 minute ones) and match quality so finding it will certainly require adjustments.

We do appreciate the feedback around it, it helps us make these decisions.