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When he starts firing the whole game lags incredibly, with huge slowdown and lag spikes, and messes the audio up really badly. 90% of the time too when he starts firing it, you will continue to hear it infinitely firing for the rest of the match even after you kill him or he stops using it.

Then if there’s 2 Cannon’s using their turret the whole server literally just freezes.

I think he honestly needs to be removed until they can fix it as currently it’s pretty unplayable with the lag and audio issues

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We're aware of the audio issues and have a fix for one of the issues that we'll likely deploy as a hotfix.

Re: Cannon lag. Definitely hearing a lot about this today and I've reported it to the team. Match IDs and videos of this would be amaaaazing!

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Originally posted by Kooron_Nation

ID: efb83c1c-6b7d-40e6-8c11-7f03bcc33c8e

How can I send a video?

https://forms.gle/NuabffbeRCsDaDvX9 Send it along via this form! Thank you!

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I don't know if this was just for me but I also seemed to have the problem continue through multiple matches. The first game I played there was a Cannon and then the next game there was no Cannon on either team, yet the audio and frame bug was still there. The problem persisted past the games and to the lobby as well. I didn't think to record match ID's but if it happens again I'll make a record of them.

Send them along here! https://forms.gle/NuabffbeRCsDaDvX9