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Originally posted by Cloh_

30 hours per rogue is too long. It should be a grind but I feel that is too much.

Howdy! I don't want to make assumptions about how they established their 300-500 Reputation per hour estimate but this doesn't take into account that you earn 250 Reputation per level. Those levels come fairly quickly when you just start out so 30 hours for your first or even second Rogue might not be entirely accurate.

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Originally posted by desirefororrim

So are you guys going to retroactively give the people the Rep they earned through leveling before you implemented the 250 Rep per level?

There are no plans to do this. At the time folks earned these earlier levels, Rogues were significantly cheaper to purchase and Reputation was earned quicker based on how things were calculated at the time.

Based on a lot of data and some feedback, we feel these adjustments are good for new players (who earn a Rogue pretty quickly) and add enough challenge to existing players.

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Originally posted by safwan6

I’ve played estimated to 9 hours ( a few hours every day) and started this Saturday and I’m level 20 I currently have 11,157 reputation and now I’m going to make 4K more to buy chaak

This is more in line with our expectations for Reputation gain. There is a difference in level gain (and the Rep bonuses associated with it) at higher levels.