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This is an Unreal Engine error, not a Rogue Company error, relating to D3 Devices. It's a known issue with UE4 and usually occurs when the GPU isn't synchronized with Unreal engine. I highly recommend making sure all your video drivers are up to date, and if they are, do a clean re-install of the latest drivers in the case that they're corrupted. Also make sure you're running the latest Windows update.

Other things it may be:

  • Antivirus software: There are numerous antivirus software out there which tend to block the Unreal Engine, hence marking a false positive. This is very common and can be solved by either creating a whitelist or disabling it.
  • Incomplete Game Files: If its game/installation files are corrupt or incomplete, you will experience the error message.
  • Overclocking: Overclocking might give your PC the push it needs but is known to cause issues or conflicts with heavy resource-consuming applications. Disabling Overclocking might do the trick for you.
  • Default Graphics card: The default graphics card usually disables itself when a dedicated one with more power is running. However, in several cases, it might be active alongside the dedicated graphics card and cause conflicts which will further cause issues.