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This is the start of a new BattlePass and I'm getting 2-4 minute queues on XBOX. Prior to crossplay I'd have maybe a 20-40 second queue for Strikeout.

Has something else changed that is causing this or did a lot of the console players just say F it and quit?


Just had a 6 1/2 minute queue.


I'm f*cking done.. the double music / constant music playing after Save the Day IS STILL f*ckING HAPPENING?

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Originally posted by Its_Syxx

How is this not a priority hotfix that can be pushed out quickly? Hasn't it been over a week at this point?

Hey there! Sorry you had such a poor experience.

The update has only been out for 3 days, it wasn't until yesterday we could really reproduce the disconnect reliably so the team is still working on that.

Could you verify you didn't inadvertently toggle your crossplay setting off? That will create exponentially longer queue times I'm afraid.

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Originally posted by injured-ninja

You can’t turn crossplay off - it’s forced. Wtf?

The toggle still exists on the Xbox version, but it will effectively remove you from any active queues. We've had a couple folks inadvertently toggle it.

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