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I am NOT one to complain about bugs and glitches, but this is INSANE

The game crashed, when I opened it up again it put me in a new game instead of the current one. Then I find out I have a half hour deserter penalty. Whatever.

The same thing happens again and I’m out for an HOUR

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I've been tracking these reports and passing them along. Have you received a deserter penalty before?

In theory, the deserter penalty system doesn't see the difference between a crash and a leave, and places penalties that stack in length over time. However, if you're never seeing a penalty and then getting slapped with half an hour then an hour, that's as big of an issue as the crash itself.

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Originally posted by AHKickdrum

Yeah I’ve never gotten them before

Thank you - I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.

Are you on PC or console (and if so, which)?