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We all know who I’m talking about. I won’t say the name, to avoid witch-hunting accusations. Though it isn’t witch-hunting anyway, still I will steer clear of that.

As many of you know, this person is a member of the Rogue Company Board. A board member’s job is to communicate between the RoCo team and the community. I and many others do not believe they’re performing this job well.

Reasons: 1: They’re unprofessional 2: They brush off critique as hate, thus not taking the community seriously 3: They tease people and justify it by saying they were “salty” 4: Passive aggressiveness 5: They don’t share information between the RoCo team and the community nearly as frequently as they should. Non-board members get information out quicker and more consistently.

Proof: Don’t mean to seem lazy, but just check their comment history… they make it painfully obvious and easy to prove everything I stated here.

There are other things I could list, but as far as I can tell they were one time occurrences, not consistent behavior. If you have anything to add to the list please comment!

I believe that the community should have a choice in who gets to be a member of the board, and who gets to stay a member of the board. If majority of the community doesn’t like what they’re doing, they shouldn’t have that position. That goes for anyone, not just this specific board member. If I saw another board member doing the exact same things or worse, I’d be posting about them, too.

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Originally posted by KING-O-SAURUSREX

You’re going to have to give me another way to contact Hi-Rez. Radar hasn’t sent a single message in the discord since October of last year. And his discord settings make it so that only friends can send DMs. So I can’t communicate with him at all.

You could also just drop me a DM here and I'll be happy to take any feedback around this.