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I'd be willing to bet every consistent RoCo player is well aware that the servers need some improvement. However it seems like most people aren't aware that there have been specific asks made to the community to help improve the servers.

Sign up for packet tracking software to give automatic feedback about lag and disconnects here

If you have an especially laggy match or other server based issue submit it to the laggy matches channel of the Rogue Company discord here. You will need to include Player Name, Platform, Region, Match ID, and a brief description of the issue.

Since these requests were made I have seen dev feedback on multiple occasions that they are not getting enough feedback to have a clear understanding of what the issues are and how to resolve them. Soooooo stop complaining and do what you can to help please and thank you.

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Appreciate you making this thread. Folks we know a number of you are experiencing various performance related issues and they are at the forefront of our teams mind. There is a vast complexity in these services and so much that happens between your machine and our servers that it sometimes is a little hard to pinpoint.

Let me provide an example if I might. The night before last many of you reported being kicked from matches and we observed this happening on multiple live streams. We worked with our technical folks, identified what was a improperly configured machine and pulled it out of the rotation. Problem solved right?

In actuality digging further into these logs they noticed one of the streamers had an authentication issue with Easy Anti-cheat. I see these errors all the time and they aren't uncommon but in reviewing the data they were off the charts higher than normal. We noticed around that time there was an Epic Online Services outage impacting all Epic games and EAC which increased these errors exponentially.

My point in this story is not to make excuses, at the end of the day your experience is our responsibility. It's to illustrate just how complicated the "server performance" issues can get and why an immediate fix hasn't happened.

To those who have been providing us matchIDs and logs we genuinely appreciate it and it's really helped us dial in on some of the concerns. While performance will never be perfect, it's our hope to have a significant improvement really soon.