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Hey again Rogues! It’s been just over a week since the Formal Affair release and we hope everyone has been able to enjoy all the new content including our new Quickplay feature. We wanted to provide you another update on the issues we’ve been working on since this post.

We have fixed all the issues mentioned in that post on our internal servers with one exception. The “jitter” animation bug has proved a bit more elusive than expected, and while very easy to reproduce, we are still working on a fix for this issue. Once this is complete they will be pushed through the update process to get in your hands as soon as possible.

We also wanted to speak specifically about Ranked for a moment and call out an upcoming change. Some of you are aware but if you aren’t, with this release there was a bug which would crash a match entirely if Surrender was used at a certain point. A very small number of players unfortunately abused this to move quickly through the ranks by crashing matches they were losing.

We have suspended players doing this but we believe it outlined a lack of fairness in the start of the current season. As a result we feel the most equitable way to address this is to reset everyone’s progress to ensure a level playing field. This reset will coincide with the return of ranked queues on Friday so everyone can jump back in then!

Note: Two notable issues will remain but are part of the upcoming hotfix. We have disabled the ability to Surrender, and there is a bug with recharging abilities in Demolition. Both will be addressed as soon as possible.

Finally, we’re turning on double Battlepass Experience this weekend to help you get back in the groove. It will run from 9 AM ET September 16th until 9 AM ET September 19th.

The team appreciates everyone’s patience and as always your feedback!

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