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For anybody that didn't know, monthly updates are no longer, at least, getting Update Notes Shows: we are less than a week away from what would have been the next update, but there hasn't been an update notes show announcement.

It's more likely that monthly updates have been scrapped altogether, which is really disappointing to me personally: this game still has a plethora of not only bugs and stability issues, but also character balancing problems. Not to mention weapon customisation per rogue, which was part of the Project Saint initiative, still hasn't been put back in the game. It was said to be returning to the game in the future during the November 2021 update notes show, and it's now July 2022.

It's all well and good if the developers have decided that monthly updates are no longer a normality, so long as hotfixes to fix prevalent bugs and address issues in the game are happening consistently, but they're not. And to top it all off, the developers' communication of these kinds of things to the community has been severely lacking, if present at all.

I've been a fan of this game since the game came into Open Beta (October 2020) and it's really sad to see certain bugs that have been in the game since then still happing frequently a year and a half later (trench barbed wire destroying itself, two people attempting to revive at the same time causing the downed player to bleed out, among others). It seems like every update brings new bugs and fixes bugs that I didn't even know existed because I never ran into them, and each update makes the game's big flaws harder and harder to defend.

I love this game, and I love a lot of the things that the developers have done with the game recently (Supply Drops are awesome), but man the developers really need to be communicating more.

I remember back when season 1 was first coming out, in one of the update notes shows, they showed a roadmap of upcoming content. There was season 1 and Kestrel, the second update of the season, which brought in Seeker and the Hollows map, and then an event of some kind that they were keeping a secret for later, and they hyped it up as being on a similar level, if not higher, than the Dr Disrespect collab. To this day, I have no idea what happened to that event: if it was scrapped, the developers didn't communicate it very well. If it ended up being the Rambo event, then I'm shocked as to why that took over a year to happen. And the worst part is, that was the last roadmap of content they showed us. They haven't shown us a similar roadmap for the game since. And now that the game is "fully released" (whatever that means, considering this update broke the game more than it fixed), I'm really anxious and afraid that the game no longer has any direction, and that the developers may be giving up on the game.

I love this game to pieces, and, while all good things must end, I feel like this game has so much untapped potential, and a whole lot of polishing left to do before it really feels like a fully fleshed out game experience.

TL;DR: I want the developers to give us a roadmap or a substantial update on the status of the game, what we can expect in the future in terms of bug fixes and improvements, and better and more consistent communication with the fanbase. I made this post out of a love for the game and respect to the developers, not hate. It's just incredibly frustrating seeing simple things like weapon customisation per rogue being seemingly neglected, character balancing being all over the place, and so many bugs still in what is supposed to be a "fully released" game.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, we really do appreciate it. Like a number of you I was here when Rogue was trying to stand on two wobbly legs and all our feedback came through our Discord. I remember driving conversations for that first Roadmap and how excited (and a little nervous) the team was about sharing the future.

Rogue Company is not dead by any means. Our data doesn't show that and the team is still working very hard on our next update which you'll hear more about soon. To be specific to your question, yes we are slowing down updates just a little, adding a week or two more to each cycle. This gives the team more time to test, iterate, and catch any unanticipated issues/bugs which I think all of us would agree isn't a bad thing. Regular Update Shows are still 100% going to happen.

One more statement I'll make is bugs suck. I promise you most of us hate them more than you do, because not only doesn't it represent a failure to implement something, it takes away from other work everyone is trying to do. At any given time we are fixing dozens of bugs, a few some of you may notice, countless others you'll never see because they are caught before they go live. It's a complex process of prioritization, ease of the fix, and reproducibility (many require special logging/tools for us to see exactly what is happening).

The TL:DR is we appreciate all of you who have been with us, we know there have been bumpy patches and to be very clear we know there is work to do. The team is committed to getting it done.

I know they are just words but know that I appreciate all of you. I've been working in the Community Management field for more than 13 years across 24ish titles. I can tell you this game and community are special and many of us recognize this. Please continue to tell us your thoughts, even if we aren't able to respond we are here reading every single day.