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Hey, everybody. I've been playing Rogue since year 0, about a month before fixer was released. I've been trying to enjoy the game for as long as I can now, but it's just lost its enjoyment nowadays. I want to explain why I'm leaving, and why I couldn't enjoy the game anymore. If these bugs are fixed, or an effort is at least made, I might consider coming back but otherwise I'm wanting to move to greener pastures.


It's always seemed that Hi-Rez goes out of their way to nerf things that take skill to use efficiently, and continue to buff ridiculously good characters.

The Fixer: Fixer is a blatant example of this. You can now see him through smoke when he activates his visor. What the hell is the point of Fixer if the enemy can see you behind the smoke too? It removes his point entirely. He finally gets his Tyr back but when he had the full body he just didn't feel the same.

Lancer: Seriously, this game's community defending lancer like a white knight is ridiculous. I don't need to get better at the game, they need to nerf the chick who can sprint silently with a full auto shotgun which she can reload almost instantly. She can even move silent while out of her ability too with padded steps. It's broken, and this game's community hold the meta hostage so they don't have to use things that take skill.

Phantom: What else is there to say other than her sniper's scope might as well be an overdramatic red dot

Scorch: I've always through of scorch as extremely broken, as they nerf... Her shotgun!? But not the best SMG in the game, with a high firerate that is completely unbalanced with her ability. The shotgun didn't deserve a nerf. It took skill, it rewarded talent with one shot kills. It doesn't deserve to be put in the same bracket as other shotguns as it literally only has two shots. Scorch rules the meta, especially now that she can get the objection and striker.

Runway: Cry about it, Runway is insanely broken three semtexes possible, three claymores, the ability to have a one shot sniper and by far the most ridiculous rifle in the game. Say all you want, I've never won a gunfight against a Runway with her hydra and I've used a bunch of other weapons. Her rifle is ridiculous at every range.

Melees: Melees took skill, if you missed you were screwed and the fact they nerfed them in the first place shows that they pander to the crybabies. The melee throws weren't broken, you can't use them effectively as long range, being close quarters one-hit-throws were just about their only use. Not to mention how half the time I hit someone with one, my attacks won't count. This bug has been around since I've started playing, and they haven't fixed it in any regard.

Overall, it seems like the community complains Hi-Rez into nerfing skill weapons so they don't have to be good at the game.

Bugs + Servers

The servers were the straw that broke the camel's back. I play a full game without leaving, not playing with any teammates in a party, and get a deserter penalty for literally f*cking no reason.

Explosives seem to have issues damaging people right on top of them. Either that or Scorch got buffed to where C4s on top of her don't deal any damage at all (literally 0) and semtexes got nerfed so that sticking has less power than a 6 year old with a sockem bopper

Not to mention the entirely crippling lag spikes. I play on 520 MBPS fiber internet, it's not me. I'll randomly start teleporting around the map like I'm playing Portal 2 and my shots will bounce off of Anvil's thick dome. This happens REGULARLY might I add.

Then I got ripped off for $100 when I bought Rogue Bucks and didn't get any. The support people were as useful as a nerf gun in an Afghanistan skirmish so I never got that money back. Would've loved to spend that 13,500 but whatever.

And then the Breach sound bug, which still affects me in its entirety. I get tired of the earrape, if I wanted to blow my ears out I'd be playing R6 platinum ranked lobbies as a solo queue.

The Community

Seriously, some of y'all the reason shampoo bottles for instructions

JKJK this don't apply to most of y'all so dw, y'all cool

In all seriousness, some of this community actively enables the bullsh*t meta that has been created, keeping snipers weak even in the hands of talented people while promoting shotgun spam and DPS boosting. It also promotes toxic players who are dickheads to new people, causing them to leave (independent experiments proving this, that and look at the Xbox looking for group posts). We had Bounceific for a while and it amazes me it took as long as it did to deal with him. Some streamers used to/currently outspeak others to get people banned too, and it don't feel right.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of y'all are cool, but when these sh*tty people are even failed to be addressed in any way, it makes the good people feel helpless

Closing Out

Don't get me wrong, this game used to be awesome. I used to bump this sh*t every time I'd get off of work but I cannot stand to play it anymore. This doesn't feel like the same game I played a few months ago to relieve work stress.

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Hey, thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts. I've sent it along to folks to read. I'm sorry you've had such a poor experience as of late. I understand how frustrating things are right now - in the eight matches I played tonight, I received the "Someone Went Missing" error three times in a row and crashed straight to lobby on the last kill in another. These are top issues for us to resolve right now, but I know that after a rough day at work, coming home to even more frustrations in the form of your favorite game can make your day even worse.

I hope that we'll see you again when things are in a more stable place. I appreciate the time you took to write this post, and I hope you find something that brings you as much joy as Rogue Company once did.

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