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The tyr is still broken nothing more nothing less looks like no Midas on snipers for me

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Hey, sorry you've been dealing with a bug. Can you elaborate on "broken"? Difficult to report it to the team without details. :)

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Just saying I love rogue it’s my main game and you guys are amazing devs i know you guys are doing the best you can and we all appreciate it

Now for the bug I think the tyr is what’s causing the crashes atleast it is for me I may be wrong but I think it may be with the level 3 upgrade I may be mistaken I’ve only played with fixer since the update and it kept crashing when I played 1 game as canon it let me run the whole match I would say just remove the deserter penalties until you guys can figure it out so everyone isn’t as mad rogue is an amazing game and to be honest I just want to play ❤️😂thanks for hearing me out have a great day

Are you playing with colorblind mode on?