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So I managed to get all the trophies on PS5 version and the platinum DID unlock for me on there, however I then went onto the PS4 version so that the trophies can ‘auto unlock’ on there too (as the online progression is the same) however all but one unlocked.

The one that didn’t unlock was the ‘Win 8 different matches with 8 different Rogues’ one which always seems to be stuck at 75%. I even went ahead and won 2 matches with Anvil and Trench whom I had not used before, and the trophy still didn’t unlock. Strangely it did unlock on PS5 version but when I look at my statistics it still says ‘75%’ and it seems to be stuck at that. I just need to know if its possible that this trophy can unlock for me on PS4 version so that once it has then it can unlock the platinum trophy as well. Fact of the matter is Hi Rez need to be fixing this stupid buggy game. It sucks that I have the game on 91% and cant get the last trophy all because of a stupid bug.

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Is this the Good Company achievement? If so, what's your player name? This is our most troublesome and complex achievement and it breaks often.