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We should be able to see the match ID in-game not just in the post-match screen. That or fix the bug where you can't view the post-match report if you crash or DC even if you reconnected.

I guess on PC we have the crash logs but consoles don't even have that so they are left with nothing. Also a lot of the time when the game crashes the game is just unresponsive or my PC will black screen so I have to close the game manually or restart my PC which means there is no crash log being automatically sent off.

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PC crash log collection is manual, so if you have them on and crash, you can still restart and send them to me or another member of the team NP.

Console players are usually greeted with an option about whether they want to report the crash. If they choose yes, it will be sent to us along with the last image rendered on the GPU. Some platforms also allow you to put notes/comments with the crash. Putting comments relevant to the crash can help us identify what issue you're having and pull the crash log accordingly.

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