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Jagex are hosting a Leads Q&A livestream on Tuesday, the 7th of September 2021.

Leave a comment with your question(s), and the leadership J-Mods might answer some of them.

The stream will be live on RuneScape's Twitch channel at 16:00 Game Time (UTC). Be sure to tune in.

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14 days ago - /u/JagexKari - Direct link

Thanks for the questions folks!

We're also going to be taking some from our Discord server, so feel free to cross post your burning questions in the #leads-qa-stream channel here: https://discord.com/invite/mVRbwqZ4dn

14 days ago - /u/JagexHooli - Direct link

Hey everyone.

Unfortunately we're having to postpone our Leads Q&A from today. Our studio air-con has gone down in the middle of a heatwave which means our video team would need to suffer 30C+ heat in an already very hot production room to make this happen. We really don't want to put them through that as I'm sure you can all understand.

While this should be fixed within 24 hours, realistically we don't see an opportunity in everyone's schedule to bring us together for this stream until next week without making it shorter - and given the delay, we feel like it should be longer if anything to get more questions in.

We know this will come as a disappointment given there's a variety of big topics you want covered by the Leads - from the EGW saga, the new Skilling Bundle, our plans for Death Costs, bugs feedback etc. We will absolutely cover all of those questions and a whole lot more when we sit down for the stream.

We're also going to take the extra time to gather up answers to even more questions over the next week (keep em coming!) so we can fire through as many as possible like we did with the last General Q&A.

Thanks for bearing with us on these as of late. It sometimes feels like our recent Q&As have been cursed with logistics issues from illness to air-con breaks, but we are still working to make them as schedule bulletproof as we can for the future. We'll make sure the wait is worth it and hit as many topics as possible with the Leads when we sit down for the stream.